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Concealed Carry State Laws in South Lake Tahoe, California


The CCW or concealed carry weapons laws vary greatly in every state within the U.S. Recently with Illinois being forced to adopt a concealed carry weapons law as mandated by a federal court every state in the union now offers its citizens the ability to obtain a CCW permit, even in South Lake Tahoe, California .

State Legislature Make Gun LawsEvery State in the country and also in South Lake Tahoe, California the state has the ability to enact and enforce its own unique Concealed Carry State laws, there are those states that are designated as “shall issue”, and other states that are categorized as “may issue” states. A third type of state is one in which as long as you are a resident of that state and meet the legal requirements and have not violated that states laws one can carry concealed without a Permit, These particular states do offer the ability to obtain an actual CCW permit so that the residents can take advantage of states that have reciprocity agreements with the state in which they reside. This is a permit card can be produced to authorities in the visiting state.

Regardelss of the which state you reside in including, in South Lake Tahoe, California The difference between the two categories are that the “shall issue” states are mandated by state law to have a standardized procedure where each agency that has the authority to issue Concealed Carry Weapons Permits and gives its residents all the equal ability to obtain a CCW. If a resident of a “shall issue” state meets the criteria and completes the training as mandated by state law the issuing agency must issue the CCW to the individual.  Every State's Concealed Carry Law is different

In states that are designated as “May issue” and if in South Lake Tahoe, California it is such a state it is at the sole discretion of the issuing agency which is typically the sheriff of the county or the chief of police of the city to issue a Concealed Carry Permit, and each agency is free to designate their own criteria and procedures. In these states an individual can be denied the issuance of a CCW without any cause.

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Reagan on Gun Control     The State has the power to regulate Gun Laws     You must know your State's Gun Laws!          

South Lake Tahoe, California Concealed Carry State Laws


In South Lake Tahoe, California and every other city in the state must adhere to the Concealed Carry State laws, if allowed by the individual states constitution cities can pass laws that are more restrictive than the states laws. Some cities have tried to ban guns altogether and in the most recent case which was in San Francisco in California the federal court overturned the law as it violated the 2nd amendment, and the right to possess and bear arms.

In South Lake Tahoe, California as in any other city in the country gun ownership and Concealed Carry State Laws are sometimes controversial and invoke sometimes a great deal of healthy political debate, especially with all the liberal news media devoting so much time to discussing the 2nd amendment and gun owners’ rights. There are even some proactive smaller communities within the states of; Maine, Colorado, Georgia, and Utah that have either considered or have enacted laws and or ordinances requiring gun ownership to its residents under certain conditions with their city limits.

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Some argue the justification clause should be read as a condition on the operative clause: The right to keep and bear arms is protectedonly whenit contributes to a well-regulated militia, oronly whenthe well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State. Thus, one commentator says, because "the Framers included a preamble to the Second Amendment . . . [i]t is at least arguable that the only 'gun rights' protected by the Second Amendment are those that in fact support 'the security of a free State -- and that might mean none at all."

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