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U.S. Precision Defense has assembled the finest staff of highly trained firearms professionals including our President’s experience of over 15 years as a law-enforcement officer, SWAT team member, and graduate of the FBI firearms instructors Institute. We are dedicated to your safety!

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We are the Premier Professional Resource on Concealed Carry – CCW Rights, Concealed Carry Permits, Self-defense Laws, Education, & Firearms Instruction.

Our Mission is to educate the public on their 2nd amendment rights and to provide true professional information on all aspects of firearms and handguns. We provide information for both automatic pistols and revolvers along with firearms training, safety, and education.

You can now learn from those that have actually experienced armed encounters, all of our contributing writers have either or both extensive Law Enforcement or Military experience. We are the true professionals. Molon Labe, “come and take”

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