9 Pieces of Equipment That Will Extend Your Gun's Life

U.S. Precision Defense When you’re a gun owner, there’s nothing more precious in this regard than the safety of your firearm . Although...

9 Pieces of Equipment That Will Extend Your Gun's Life

9 Pieces of Equipment That Will Extend Your Gun's Life

Written by Josh Pratt, in Section Safety And Education

U.S. Precision Defense

When you’re a gun owner, there’s nothing more precious in this regard than the safety of your firearm. Although the latest technologies make weapons seem invincible, they can actually damage over time if you don’t properly clean and maintain them. Therefore, you should take great interest in finding tools that could extend the longevity of the guns and make sure you’ll own them for years without needing replacement. You don’t know what to use to fulfill this task? Don’t you worry, because we did the search for you. All you have to do is read this guide, and you will know what equipment can extend the life of your gun.

1. Nylon And Bronze Cleaning Brushes

Over time, your gun can build up some carbon, and that doesn’t really aid the gun overall. This is when you need to go through a maintenance process to remove this excess carbon, and that can be easily done through bronze and nylon brushes.
The first one you should use is the bronze one because it is able to remove the large amount of carbon that has gathered in the barrel. Most of it will be wiped out with this brush. But as some smaller buildups may remain, the nylon brush comes to save the day and remove the stubborn remains.

2. Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

If you’re a busy person with a schedule that barely allows you to breathe, an ultrasonic gun cleaner might be a heavenly item for you. Of course, it’s not a must-have unless you really don’t have enough time to clean the gun yourself. This tool can thoroughly clean any trace of dirt and whatever build up your gun has gathered and do a better job at it compared to manual cleaning. Doesn’t that already grab your attention? You may have to invest some money into it, but it will be a smart move anyway.

3. Cleaning Rods

Cleaning rods can be very useful in cleaning the barrel of the gun, but you must be very careful and delicate with them. If not, they may actually damage the firearm instead of cleaning it. The right choice would usually be a bronze one, but in any case, the metal you choose for the rod must be softer compared to the metal of the gun. Otherwise, damage could be inflicted.

4. Gun Safes

Did you ever consider buying a gun safe? A gun should be kept safely, and not simply be left on the desk, where anyone could take it and accidentally fire it. Furthermore, what’s going to happen in the event a fire occurs, or your house is flooded? This is where gun safes come into play. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they are also made from different materials and have special locking options. Basically, these safes can be smaller, and they can fit under your bed or next to it. There are also larger safes that can be placed in the room where you spend most of your time. The best thing is that they are made of resistant materials that can last for a very long time in a fire until the firefighters get to your house. So, the gun will stay unharmed.

5. Gun Cleaning Solvents

Simply brushing the barrel may not be enough to remove a buildup sometimes, so cleaning solvents are the ones that could help you get the job done. They can be used to clean your gun/lubricate it to make it easier for you to clean or just add protection to the firearm. All in all, they can be extremely useful.

6. Gun Mops

Moisture is not really good for the gun, given it’s made of metal. It can easily rust and won’t be as effective when shooting as it used to be when you first got it. This is why any trace of condensation or moisture should be removed, and gun mops can do that for you. They work similar to brushes, but they are also able to remove whatever you missed with the brush, so it’s a double win.

7. Multi-Tool

Every now and then, you may have to disassemble your gun and reassemble it. But here comes the tricky part – many of the components inside the gun are really small, and easy to misplace. This could end up with the gun being non-functional or dangerous. Fortunately, if you purchase a multi-tool, this won’t be a concern anymore. It can keep all the small pieces into one place until you’re done with your task, then you can reassemble it without any issues.

8. Gun Vise

The last thing you want is to drop your firearm or rub it against a hard surface while you’re struggling to clean it. There is one way out of this situation: purchasing a gun vise. This can keep your firearm securely in one place while you’re applying maintenance methods. That way, you don’t have to worry about potential damage being inflicted.

9. Cleaning Jags & Patch Holders

These are used to clean the interior of the barrel, and they do a great job at it. Basically, they use cotton patches on the center, and they are inserted into the barrel, thus cleaning it. Not only that, but you can spray them with lubricating oil to make it easier to clean, after which you can insert a dry patch and remove it. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

The life of your gun is not something to take for granted. A firearm is unable to maintain itself, so you’re the one responsible for it. That being said, you have to use equipment that maintains the weapon’s amazing performance and ensures it will last long enough without replacement. Now, you should know what to use to make this possible. Try the equipment presented in this guide, and your gun will surely last for years to come.