Duo Portable Security Sensor For Firearm Safes

U.S. Precision Defense Get Instant Text Alerts For Your Gun Safe Or Valuables It doesn't matter what you're trying to protect or where it is,...

Duo Portable Security Sensor For Firearm Safes

Duo Portable Security Sensor For Firearm Safes

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U.S. Precision Defense

Get Instant Text Alerts For Your Gun Safe Or Valuables

It doesn't matter what you're trying to protect or where it is, the Duo Portable Security Sensor can offer added peace of mind. This palm-sized gadget uses light and motion sensors to detect disturbances and a dedicated cellular connection send you alerts via SMS. As a result, it doesn't need a Wifi connection, and with up to a year of battery life, it doesn't need an outlet, either — making it ideal for places like your safe at home or your luggage at a hotel.

When Brady Simpson the founder of SIMTEK remote safe sensor contacted me regarding this innovative product I hesitated. Honestly, my first thoughts were, “ this is one of those electronic safeguards that will slow me down.” And then I listened to what he had to say, it isn’t a safeguard meant to slow you down, but purely to alert you!

This is a system that improves your ability to monitor your valuables from firearms through jewelry and everything in between. I talk about expanding your safety net, understanding that defensive force multipliers are a necessarily good thing to have. This enables you to keep an eye on your medications, firearms and more.

In my house firearms are and do exist. I am someone who has spent much time with my children and my children’s close friends to ensure they are safe around and with firearms. I also have medications, which are not something I can teach in the same way for safeties sake. So I tried this product out in a few spots, my gun safes, pantry and the medication cabinet.

DUO Security

The way it is designed it ONLY alerts to human body IR presence. So you per the company you do not get false positives, and I can vouch for this, my dog ran in and opened the door, (yes, she is a little terrier and very inquisitive) to the medicine cabinet after she saw me fiddling in there.

It did not alert, however, when my wife and I opened it, within 15 seconds we had alerts on our phones. This was just with the simple text set up that you can do for your cell phones. Now, the app itself is a bit more involved, user-friendly, but more involved than just a simple text.

I use Android based products because I like to be able to secure my life to more of an extent than is allowed with other operating systems. My wife uses apple based products, relatively secure, however, far better for what she does as the primary breadwinner in the house. She is able to run numbers and put together presentations with ease, this product offers an extremely user-friendly app for IOS (apple users) and has an app for Android users being pushed through at this time.

It is a new product, and it works amazingly! I rarely ever review first generation products, simply because for all of their positive intentions in many cases (guns through camping gear) there are always minor issues to deal with. Pleasantly surprised with this product, what is offered is exactly what is given. It is a light and motion detection alert that lets those connected to it know someone is tampering with your things.

You can save lives or prevent theft through a quick detection of tampering with your valuables. And the best part is, it would work for small rooms, I used it for a weekend in our master bedroom, and it let me know when people were entering the room- it was 100% accurate. So what are the pros and the cons of this amazing product?


  • It is inexpensive, $149.99 sign up fee, first two months free, and $3.99 a month for the cell/sms service that alerts you.
  • Small unit, with two antenna types allowing for a much greater, clearer range of transmission
  • It will work and has been tested in storage unit sized rooms, garages, liquor cabinets, jewelry boxes or gun safes and or drawers.
  • It works based on a simple light and motion detection that does not give false positives, only signaling when humans enter its range.
  • Rechargeable battery, with 1-year life span


  • It is a subscription, however, it is insurance and inexpensive insurance for your valuables
  • It relies on active cell services and networks so it may not be beneficial for your particular needs depending on where you live.
  • Currently, it only alerts you, though there may be plans for connectivity to camera systems and more, allowing an even greater range of options

My opinion with this is simple, it is an inexpensive way to enhance your security, bring it with you when traveling, use it for your hotel room- know if and when someone DUO For Gun Safesinvades your privacy! Use it for your BOL cabins and locations, stay a step ahead of others by always knowing when others are poking into your business. And use it for safety sake, know when someone is in your safes or safe rooms.

What do you do to ensure others are not invading your space? Remember an alarm company takes upwards of 5 minutes to call you, then another 15 minutes to get police on the line, after which it generally takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes for a simple drive-by of police, this setup lets you know within 15 seconds if someone is messing with your things, and because you know your neighbors and have a trusted local network you can call someone to check right away!

This article originally appeared on The Survivalist Blog by Jesse Mathewson

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