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THE NEED FOR CONCEALED CARRY By Dan Behymer For only the second time in modern history has the citizens of our country felt vulnerable to the...

Our Perspective

Our Perspective

Written by Danny Behymer, in Section Gun Politics


By Dan Behymer

For only the second time in modern history has the citizens of our country felt vulnerable to the political climate of the rest of the world, the first being when we were attacked during World War II and now with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and all the terrorism that has transpired sense.

There are very few topics that our politicians and community leaders agree upon but they do agree that crime rates steadily rise and there is a real threat from terrorism. For the first time, domestic terrorism has become a common vernacular within our language.

Who would have ever envisioned 20 years ago that law-enforcement officers in this country would be carrying around fully automatic weapons as standard issue for patrol when such weapons were historically reserved for only the most elite tactical response teams.

The idea for our company first came to my mind in 2004 when Congress passed the "law enforcement officers safety act of 2004" which allowed active duty and retired peace officers to carry concealed weapons in all 50 states pursuant to 18 USC 926C, or more commonly known as H.R. 218.

Concealed carry options

Clearly, when one does research into the impetus behind the drafting of this law the true underlying agenda is that it is an anti-terrorism measure.  Although it’s language may not say it specifically, any educated person can understand it’s true intention which is to allow more trained officers on the street who can help protect the public.  This also allows more officers in places where domestic terrorism could occur, and provide deterrence.

We seriously doubt, had our country not been attacked on 9/11 and had there not been so many mass shootings in this country along with for the first time domestic terrorism in the media, this law would probably not have passed at all, let alone with such an overwhelming majority.

Since the passing of H.R. 218 as federal law in 2004 the number of mass shootings and incidents labelled "domestic terrorism" have dramatically increased. Our country’s private citizens feel vulnerable when going to the movies, to the mall, or even to school and are now taking their personal and family safety into their own hands! Many are seeking education, training, and professional advice of how to obtain and legally carry a concealed firearm for Self Defense. This is where U.S. Precision Defense can help.

By combining our presidents personal experiences as a law-enforcement officer for over 15 years, including a member of a SWAT team and a graduate of the FBI firearms instructors Institute along with his over 20 years of business experience this website will combine all the information that an individual will need in doing research to obtain a concealed carry CCW permit. It will also provide a strong foundation for proper handgun safety, training, conceal carry techniques, legalities, and the finest variety of products available on the market today.