U.S. Precision Defense If you are involved in a shooting , what happens next?  What do you say to responding officers or investigators?...



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U.S. Precision Defense

If you are involved in a shooting, what happens next?  What do you say to responding officers or investigators?  Will you be arrested?  How long will it be until you are cleared of any crime?  What happens if charges are filed?

These are all legitimate questions in reference to being involved in a lethal self defense case.  All shootings will be investigated, and self defense shootings are no different.   There will be a process that you will go through, and this process could take some time.  There will be interviews with you, witnesses, and even suspects.  There will be a collection of physical and forensic evidence, and your account of the incident will be compared against all of those interviews and evidence.  The seconds of your actions will be judged in hours and months by investigators and prosecutors.

This course covers that process, but starts with some things that you can do that might help you avoid being involved in a shooting.  If there are no other options but to use deadly force, then this course covers things and offers information that might better prepare you.  Some of the things covered are:

  • Training
  • Firearms and Ammunition selection
  • Self Defense Laws
  • Situational Awareness
  • First Response
  • Physiological and physical effects
  • Investigative process
  • Social Media and more

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Being involved in a self defense shooting can be the most stressful experience that one can have, and can often have long term affects. This is why we train to avoid situations that put us at higher risk for such an incident.

The Aftermath of a Shooting course starts with a good look at what you can do to avoid a self defense shooting, but also covers how to be best prepared if you are forced to defend yourself, and what to expect in the aftermath.

If you carry a firearm for your protection, or even if you have a firearm in the home for home defense, this course will be invaluable if you ever have to defend yourself with deadly force.