The Redesigned Bersa TPR Pistol

U.S. Precision Defense Bersa redesigned its Bersa® TPR via  Eagle Imports , Inc. Available in standard 4.25"...

The Redesigned Bersa TPR Pistol

The Redesigned Bersa TPR Pistol

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U.S. Precision Defense

Bersa redesigned its Bersa® TPR via Eagle Imports, Inc. Available in standard 4.25" barrel and compact 3.25" barrel configurations, the redesigned TPR9 semi-automatic pistols incorporate a smoother, lighter trigger plus a host of ergonomic improvements for accurate control during rapid fire, including:    

  • A thinner grip, which allows for better reach to the new-and-improved trigger during single and double action. 
  • Serrations in the front part of the frame for firm thumb support and to reduce the muzzle flip 
  • Ambidextrous safety, slide and magazine releases. 
  • Compact, lightweight and snag-free slide profile – featuring serrations in the front part of the slide for easy racking. 

Other notable features include:  

  • A loaded chamber indicator protrudes from the upper face of the slide, to show the condition of the pistol without breaking the grip. 
  • Interchangeable SIG Sauer-type sights. 
  • An improved Browning-Petter locking system. 
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frames.  
  • Picatinny accessory rails.  
  • Lifetime service contract for original owners. 

Caliber options in the standard barrel include 9 mm (TPR9) and compact, 9mm (TPR9C), .40 S&W (TPR40C) and .45 ACP (TPR45C). MSRP: $508-$528.