Ultimate Club Self Defense Insurance Plan

ULTIMATE CLUB PLAN (Single Membership) Description: $499 A Year  The CCW Safe Ultimate Plan Covers at Home and in Public a Concealed Carry...

Ultimate Club Self Defense Insurance Plan

Ultimate Club Self Defense Insurance Plan

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ULTIMATE CLUB PLAN (Single Membership) Description: $499 A Year 

The CCW Safe Ultimate Plan Covers at Home and in Public a Concealed Carry Permit holder with (no additional member in public) for any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident. Dedicated Civil Damage coverage up to 1 Million dollars and up to a 1 Million-dollar bond covered is included with this plan (Primary Covered Member ONLY). This plan is non-transferrable.

The Primary Covered Member must either have a resident or non-resident concealed carry permit for coverage in public (Does not include FOID cards). All carry permits must remain valid. The Primary Covered Member will be covered for all legal use of force responses to life threatening attacks within the Residence Premises, vehicle (during legal transport) and any place it is legal to carry in public or on premises in which possession of a firearm is not illegal or prohibited by the property owner (all legal weapons and physical force covered). The Primary Covered Member’s Spouse and All familial designees (Children under 18 years of age) shall be covered at no additional cost that reside at the home of the Primary member, who are not prohibited from possessing a firearm, inside the residence ONLY with all covered up to a 500k bond (upgrade available). Note: 1 million dollar bonds cannot be increased.

“Be part of the Club!” This plan includes access to our 24-hour emergency hotline, attorney fees, investigators fees, experts, and other expenses associated with defending criminal, civil and administrative actions stemming from a selfdefense incident. Appeals, Firearm Replacement during trial and Firearm theft coverage, and Criminal Record Expungement Covered. The plan also includes: Up to $350 a day work loss while in criminal and civil trial, up to 40 sessions (or up to $150 per session) for a licensed counselor, up to $4k for crime scene clean-up home or vehicle (if needed) and any other benefits or services that are standard with all plans.  Automatically Registered as an “Ultimate Club Member” receiving double rewards points, an Ultimate Club Gift Pack to include: CCW Safe T-shirt, Challenge Coin with emergency number applied, CCW Safe “Crime & Place” App to help avoid dangerous areas as you travel, and other perks.

The Ultimate Plan will be an annual membership and coverage is good for one year (Annual payments only). The Ultimate Plan is a recurring subscription membership and if you choose to pay by check using the mail-in form it should be mailed 5 days prior to your anniversary date.

The Buyer acknowledges that they are not a prohibited person, and if found that they are a prohibited person and it is against any state or federal law for them to possess a firearm, then their membership is forfeited and will not be refunded.

Restrictions - The Ultimate Plan Will Not Cover The Following:

• Force used against other family members.
• Force used against people who are in your house with permission or invite.
• Any force that is not in self-defense.
• Restrictions listed in Terms of Service.
• Any family (with or without permit) that does not live in the household of the Primary.
• Children in the home 18 years old or above (they are not considered Familial and must have their own account)

Digital Membership Cards- We do not send out plastic cards or packets. You can immediately save your digital membership card to your phone after purchase, or you can print out your membership card to carry in your wallet.

Access to 24- hour Emergency Hotline- Your emergency calls will be answered by a live agent 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Your call will immediately be patched through to an attorney, and you will have access to immediate legal support.

Access to Online Content and Videos- We provide our members with weekly content that is directly applicable to concealed carry. We only send out 2 newsletters a week, and you must opt in to receive our free newsletters.


Add-Ons For Permit Plans:

  • Add Spouse $100
  • Civil damage/liability $220 (Spouse ONLY)
  • Add 1 Million Dollar Bond $100 (Children under 18 ONLY)
  • Additional “Ultimate Gift Pack” $50 (per Covered member)