What Can We Expect From Modern Weapons?

U.S. Precision Defense Being brand new to the world of weapons poses a challenge to those who want to purchase guns or want to get into the...

What Can We Expect From Modern Weapons?

What Can We Expect From Modern Weapons?

Written by Josh Pratt, in Section Facts About Guns

U.S. Precision Defense

Being brand new to the world of weapons poses a challenge to those who want to purchase guns or want to get into the military. There are plenty of people in this situation – they have just developed a like for guns and want to know what to expect. At this moment in time, guns represent a widely discussed subject. One half thinks they’re good, while the other half thinks they’re bad. Therefore, there’s always that big argument going on about whether owning a gun is safe or not. Still, whether you like guns or not, modern weaponry is a very interesting topic to look into, so it’s essential to know what you can expect from it.

That being said, here are a few things you should know:

More Effective And Dangerous Weaponry

It’s safe to say that, over the course of time, people have come up with new and more advanced methods to kill each other, specifically through weapons. If a war was to begin right now, the weapons used would probably be enough to wipe out entire cities from the map. Basically, it’s nothing new that several countries own nuclear weapons. They are some of the most dangerous weapons to exist, as their consequences have been the worst. It was obvious after the Hiroshima bomb dropped in Japan in 1945, with the radiation persisting long after the incident. However, it’s not only bombs that can pose a threat. Firearms are also being developed in order to become better than they were – they are able to shoot from very long distances and are just more effective overall. Whether they’re rifles or just handguns, better versions of them are being developed on a regular basis.

Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance

Smart bullets are something that might be hard to imagine because the technology used in their creation is overly advanced. Nevertheless, this type of bullet is real and can accurately hit the target, but also has the possibility to change its course mid-air. This helps it adjust to the changes in wind speed or target movement. It sounds scary, but it can be really helpful for military snipers. Advanced Technology.

The future is looking bright considering the way modern weapons are working. Not only that they will implement technology that makes the guns more lethal overall, but there will also be new ways to protect your own guns. For instance, this is obvious looking at the Armatix Smart Pistol, which only allows one authorized user to fire it. Basically, this one requires you to use a smartwatch if you want to use it. Besides, it can also show various details such as the number of shots you made during a specific time, as well as the battery levels. In addition, you can use an RFID key to lock it – thus, it cannot be fired unless you unlock it. Taking a look at this model, we can expect to see more things like this, maybe even something cooler than this protection system.

Less Lethal Weapons

While most guns we think about can kill, there are also those that are meant to incapacitate, without actually killing the one that was hit.  Such weapons exist, and the military owns some of them. For instance, the acoustic LRAD is used in repelling pirates, without taking their life. However, there are more similar weapons under development, and it’s safe to say the future can bring them to the table. These guns will be able to inflict pain (in the form of electric shock, for example) without any damage. Whereas these ideas sound really cool and it’s nice to think that the military won’t have to stain their hands with blood, there are still ongoing concerns regarding these weapons. Many people think they are going to be abused and although death may not occur, being on the receiving end and in excruciating pain for others’ amusement is not moral.

Faster Guns

Some guns seem to take ages to load and fire, but technology is working on that. Certain weapons are supposed to be able to fire a big number of rounds within a set number of seconds, being an added advantage for the military power. One such weapon is the Fostech Origin 12 shotgun, which is said to be capable of firing 30 rounds in less than 8 seconds. Looking at it, it’s to be expected that more similar weapons will be developed in the future.

Underwater Guns

Weapons might be strong and able to severely injure or even kill, but not all of them mix well with water. In fact, water might be detrimental to them. Fortunately, now it’s possible to shoot underwater.It sounds like a fantasy, but Russians have made it a reality. Depending on the depth of the diver, the gun developed by them is able to fire about 5.45mm rounds while being at 30 meters distance. This makes it very effective for combat troops, given they never know the environment they’re going to be in when using this weapon.

Precision-Guided Firearms

Just like there are bullets with advanced precision, we will also see firearms that rely on target tracking to make sure the target is hit by the bullet. They should be able to fire even from a very long distance, making them very dangerous yet interesting. TrackPoint was the one that came up with the first weapon of this kind, developing a and that can hit a target even from thousands of meters while it’s moving. Final Thoughts Modern weapons seem to get scarier by the day. While researchers work to make them adjustable for everyone, they are also finding new methods to make weapons more effective, but also more dangerous. So, not only does modern weaponry prove to be very effective when it comes to military forces, but it also shows how bright the future of weapons is. We can expect big things from these deadly, yet sometimes useful tools.