Action Shooting

(ăk′shən)    (sho͞ot)

A generic term for a variety of shooting games usually characterized by extreme speed of fire, relatively powerful handguns, medium to large targets and short to medium ranges. Often called "Combat Shooting." IPSC-style competitions, bowling pin and falling plate matches are all typical of this type of shooting. Practical shooting is a sport which challenges an individual's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full-power handgun, rifle, or shotgun. To do this, shooters take on obstacle-laden shooting courses called stages, some requiring many shots to complete, and others just a few. While scoring systems vary between practical shooting organizations, each measures the speed with which the stage is completed, with penalties for inaccurate shooting.

Cowboy Action Shooting Cowboy Action Shooting                                                                IPSC Shooting Competition IPSC Shooting Competition