Guncoin is here to help support all gun and Second Amendment Enthusiast and has a secure payment system to prove it!

Clearly, the Guncoin team and community is now setting its sights on the end-users and retailers in the firearms community who can benefit from a stable payment system like Guncoin. 

It is this level of focus, dedication, passion and enthusiasm that truly sets Guncoin, as a new altcoin, apart from the many pump-and-dump scam coins that are way too common within the crypto currency community.

Even more promising, is that Guncoin  already has a huge fan base of staunch supporters and is rapidly growing by the day - more importantly, that support will probably never go away! 

What's next for Guncoin?  Well, the Guncoin team is not willing to sit on the sidelines and wait for things to happen.  In addition to keeping the coin technologically current, you can expect aggressive advertising campaigns, new quick start guides, brochures, patches, real coins, paper wallets, ball caps and much more as the current Guncoin publicity push turns into real firearms-related business transactions in the very near future.  

This coin is digging in for the long-haul and will be here for a very long time we think.  


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