Bodyguard Duties For Protecting Women

Bodyguard Duties For Protecting Women

The responsibilities of a bodyguard revolve around safeguarding all our female clients whether they are a family member, celebrities, or political dignitaries and other professionals. Las Vegass Bodyguards protect their clients from all threats, imminent or even kidnapping. All bodyguards undergo thorough training depending on each specific duty assignemnt. The work may involve armed or working in plain clothes to avoid unnecessary depending on a specific requirement of the client. In Las Vegas, there are various situations where both men and women Bodyguards can be used on a protection detial. 

Many women clients in Las Vegas Nevada prefer female bodyguards because they blend well with the family. Young children will not feel intimidated by the presence of another woman. Women may need protection not only when out on the town, but also at home.  Some assignments where women need protection; dressing rooms or hotel suites, casinos, gambling, parties, dancing, and the prevention of having drugs slipped into a drink! 

Las Vegas Bodyguards Provide A Variety Of Duties:

  • Daily tasks

Daily tasks may involve several activities. A bodyguard is responsible for escorting a client to her car and inspecting it for any explosive or bugging devices. They ensure that a client's daily agenda is on track. A bodyguard will know and investigate the background of the individuals interacting with the client on a regular basis. Bodyguards understand all the possible pre-established, secure and escape routes should the need arise. Additionally, he/she monitors all the daily activities of the client and stays alert for any suspicious activities and potential threats. They report all the day-to-day operations and incidents to the client and offer solutions to any perceived threats.

  • Advance protection

Before a client proceeds to a particular location, Las Vegas bodyguards takes security measures by inspecting the route in advance, part of team will be at the destination making sure it is free of threats. Bodyguards will also assist with a comprhensive plan for the clients complete itinerary, all pre-planning, the size of the team needed, activites the client will be involed with, all to assure the clients absolute safety.

Bodygaurds not only provide security protection to the client alone but also inform her on various itineraries she may consider as alternatives due to security concerns. The work of the bodyguard may even include conducting background checks on those who the client may be coming in contact with. Depending on information or circumstance multiple assessments by profiling individuals who seem as potential threats to the client will also be undertaken. Mainly, bodyguard responsibilities revolve around researching and gathering information to identify factors that pose a risk to the client’s security.

  • Preparation of changes

Las Vegas bodyguards are always prepared for any changes that may occur during a protection detail and are trained to react to the needs of the cleint. Also, in many cases the bodyguard will also act as the driver of the vehicle that the client is riding in and will coordintate with the team of all changes. 

  • Checking risks

A bodyguard checks all the surrounding area, and enters all rooms ahead of the client to assure it is safe. They check entrances and exits of buildings and interact with building security staff who are not part of the bodyguard team. They monitor all the activities of employees, visitors, and other people to ascertain that there is maximum security for the client. The bodyguard team conducts a complete security scan before the client arrives at a destination. Bodyguards has very specific skills to deter a threat before it happens. The bodyguard is also ready to use firearms and other security devices to protect the client if the need arises.

  • Security duties

A bodyguard is a protection professional, and should not to be confused with a security guard. A bodyguards responsibilities will include reporting to authorities in the event of any use of force that may have been used during a protection detal. Bodyguards also patrol all the commercial and industrial premises to deter any potential risks to a client. They screen people who want to meet a client and warn people against violation of any rules. Additionally, they can answer telephone calls and messages on behalf of her client. Female bodyguards in Las Vegas are usually best because of their strong communications skills.

Las Vegas Bodyguards are very physically fit and are tested for vision and hearing. Las Vegas Bodyguards have the abilitiy to handle weapons and possess a high level of analytical skills. The stamina of all bodyguard is always kept high by attending physical exercise, and martial arts training. Additionally, they have excellent communication, driving, management, and decision-making skills.