Bodyguards And Situational Awareness

Bodyguards And Situational Awareness

A client's safety and security lie on a bodyguard's ability to recognize likely threats, discern if the risk is dormant or active, and institute accurate mitigation measures to prevent the client from exposure. A bodyguard should not demean even the slightest sign of things being out of the ordinary since this might later turn out to be their worst undoing. Situational awareness involves being alert about one’s surroundings to be able to spot potential threats before they escalate into a harmful situation.

Las Vegas is generally a safe city to walk around for everyone including visitors, but to ensure you are safe and taking no chances, it is essential that you hire Las Vegas bodyguards during your first visit(s). If you are a person of High profile, A high roller, Dignitary, Celebrity, or Corporate executive you can be singled out as a possible target by criminals or those with various political agendas. 

Our security professionals are trained to provide you not only bodyguard services but also advanced protection including explosives scans. When you have these professionals by your side, you can be able to concentrate on things that make your visit more fun and enjoyable since your safety has been entrusted to the best. You will have an adventure by touring attraction sites you would not dare when alone or even with close family and friends.

What can more make a trip more memorable than visiting iconic attractions that make the hair at the back of your headstand? Our well-trained professionals make decisions about your next best safety move based on tried and tested techniques to ensure harm does not come your way. The Cooper Color Code Chart is used to describe a person’s awareness and preparedness situation against threats.

Awareness Color Code Chart

Awareness Color Code ChartThe Cooper Color Code Chart is an essential tool in assessing a bodyguard's awareness of security challenges. The white color is at the top of the chart, and it indicates a total lack of awareness and preparation about potential safety threats. The rule of the thumb dictates that no bodyguard should be in this state at any time. The yellow color comes second in the chart indicating a state of relaxed awareness. The orange color comes third indicating a situation when your gut feelings tell you that something is not right.

The red color is at the bottom of the chart indicating drastic actions to secure the client including fighting your way out of an ugly situation. Most of the time, muggers take advantage to mug you when you are the least alert, white color status of awareness.

Your level of alert keeps on changing depending on the surrounding environment, but it is crucial that you remain in the yellow state to reduce the reaction time when transiting range or red state when your life is at danger. We continually work with other players in the industry to remain updated about the security status of environments far from Las Vegas.

You can trust every action we take to secure you at all times. Client safety is our culture, and these virtues are inculcated deep in the hearts of our female bodyguards. Situational awareness is vital for quick and appropriate response to security threats facing a client to avert loss and injury.

Preventing The Escalation Of A Security Situation

We understand that being aware of your environment only solves half of the security challenge facing you. You require to have a bodyguard who can keep you safe under the worst condition. We do not want to take chances about your safety at when a split of a second can mean life or death. Our bodyguards are licensed to carry firearms in Las Vegas Nevada and even in other states just in case shooting becomes the last resort.

Our bodyguards are trained to use a variety of defensive techniques to avert any safety threat facing you. Our professionalism can be deduced from maintaining a correct posture around the client, observing a safe distance from potential intruders, maintaining calm and being concise during tensed communication, to monitoring physical signs pointing to an escalation of a security situation.

We will deal with some serious threats facing you without you even realizing that we intervened to give you a pleasant time enjoying what you do. We have state of the art communication capabilities to enable smooth coordination of our team at all times.

We have partnered with other security providers to serve our clients in situations requiring large teams. What is more, our team is trained in basic first aid just in case there is a medical emergency.