Glock Automatic Pistols

Glock Automatic Pistols

Glock 19, Glock 17, And The Glock 43 Pistols Of Legend.

Glock 17 Gen4The firearm manufacturer Glock is arguably One of the top known names of firearms not only in this country but now worldwide, and although very popular in this country from its first introduction in 1986 what most don't realize is Glock's history goes all the way back to 1963.

Originally Glock was not even in the firearm business and when it was first founded by engineer Gaston Glock the company produced a variety of different types of plastic and steel parts, some claim to be curtain rods.

Glock as a company did not have anything to do with firearms in anyway until the early 70s where their first military products included military style field knives, training hand grenades and Machine gun belt links.

In 1980 Glock was approached by the Austrian army and entered into an agreement to help develop a new service side arm and it was at this point that Glock created a subsidiary to manufacture firearms for this contract, this was the birth of Ges.m.b.H.

The Birth Of The Glock 17 A Revolutionary New Firearm

Progress proceeded rather quickly and the forerunner of the famous and at the time quite revolutionary semi-automatic Glock service pistol with a polymer receiver and their new proprietary safe action system was brought into production, also at the same time Glock also started production on a new military field knife that had a built-in saw feature.

Then in early 1982 at the request and by invitation of the Austrian army Glock competed in a comprehensive and highly competitive test of their new firearm against a wide array of international competition, and when the smoke cleared the contract was awarded to Glock, little did they know at that time the amazing growth and expansion of the company would experience in the coming years.

The very next year in 1983 Glock delivered their first large order of over 30,000 G17 9 mm pistols to the Austrian army, during the same time Glock also was in development of a new trenching tool for the military.

In 1984 the already famous G17 pistol became the standard issue Sidearm for the Norwegian army which by the way was the first NATO member country to carry the Glock.

Glock Pistols Are Introduced into the United States

Glock 19 Gen4

On the heels of this remarkable success Glock immediately started looking at exporting their products around the world and in as early as 1985 establish their first subsidiary in the United States, and just a year later in 1986 the remarkable engineering for its time caught the attention of not only U.S. law-enforcement but also the civilian commercial market.

Another milestone was achieved in 1987 when Glock develop the G 18 select fire machine pistol and at the time it was the smallest Machine pistol in the world.

In 1988 Glock continued to expand around the globe and production began on the G 19 compact and the G 17 L competition pistols.

The real big breakout year for Glock many will say it was 1989 when the demand for Glock pistols became global as sales soared in more than 45 different countries worldwide; to civilians, military special forces, and law-enforcement. By this time Glock sold more than 350,000 pistols since 1982 and over 2000 United States Police Departments were carrying over 150,000 Glock’s on active duty.

Between 1989 and 1999 Glock produced pistols in.380 Cal, 40 Cal, and 45 ACP in addition to the venerable 9 mm. At the shot show Glock presented there 2,000,000th pistol!

From 2001 to 2004 Glock introduced specific models with integrated key locks to meet various US state laws, Glock started introducing different types of optics including tactical lighting and both visible and invisible lasers, and A complete line of standard, compact and subcompact pistols in .45 G.A.P

Glock Generation 4 Pistols Are Delivered

In 2006 Glock celebrated their 28th year of service to the citizens of the United States, and in 2009 Glock started productionGlock 43 on their generation 4 pistols which was manufactured and delivered in various calibers and sizes.

An interesting point in fact is that in the 1990s Glock in a stroke of marketing genius realized they had to get their guns into the hands of Hollywood and in the movies. Glock first began to appear in shows like Law and Order and other police type shows, it was also introduced by Bruce Willis in the movie Diehard 2, and since that time Glock has become the virtual iconic Hollywood pistol.

Although Glock’s are not perfect and they're always pros and cons for any manufacturer all have to agree that their success is quite remarkable, and their acceptance by the United States military, law-enforcement, and civilians in this country attest to its quality manufacturing, the responsiveness to customer needs and their near genius marketing strategies.

Glock has become one of the great industrial success stories of our time, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Glock as there are now many manufactures both foreign and domestic that are trying to close in rapidly on their market share.

Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 23 And The Glock 26 Are Widely Used BY Law Enforcement

Glock Blue Label ProgramGlock has a long history of supporting law-enforcement across the U.S., they have developed the Glock “Blue Label Program” which provides for discounts on specific models for various types of Law-Enforcement personnel and first responders including; any sworn officer including Federal, State, County, and City Law-Enforcement officers including officers that are honorably retired with proper credentials. 

Also covered in this Law-Enforcement community are Correctional officer's Probation and Parole officers, some state licensed security companies, court Judges, District and Deputy District attorney's, and law-enforcement cadets which can prove that they are currently enrolled in A law-enforcement academy.

The discount ranges between $75-$100 depending on the model chosen.

Glock Pistols Protects All First Responders 

First responders can also participate in the program as long as they have proper departmental ID this includes all EMTs, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and paramedics.

Although there has always been the endless debate over which handgun is best suited for use by Law-Enforcement the ever changing times and better armed criminals have made magazine capacity and stopping power more important than never.Glock 28

The advancement in ballistics of modern-day ammunition aside what many don't realize is that what really helped Glock have such an explosive growth in Law Enforcement in the beginning is that with not only their marketing genius and their willingness to take a big financial risk they did build a high-quality firearm at extremely affordable prices for government agencies and municipalities.

They weren't always the perfect gun for an agency in overall performance but they were the closest thing to perfection at a price the government agencies could afford. Glock's typically sold for hundreds of dollars less than any of the competition and when you're buying hundreds or thousands of handguns the cost factor alone in many cases became the final deciding factor. Again, when the competition is close to the same performance or a tie, and with the government the cost will always tip the scale, Glock understood this very well and was quite masterful in securing large contracts.

Glock Knows Their Customers And How To Market

Glock is also well known for being very responsive to input from their customers, as such Glock was one of the first manufactures to offer models to fire the .40 S&W round.

The Palmer-based Glock has proven to be exceptionally rugged, it is famous for holding up to extensive firing without jamming, requires a minimum of maintenance and continues to function even when abused or not properly maintained by its owners.

Other specifics that made the Glock a favorite among law-enforcement and civilians alike is their high-capacity magazines, three independent safeties including; trigger, firing pin, and a drop safety.

Although proponents of other firearm manufacturers will continue to disagree about Glock’s favor with law-enforcement, the facts are currently overall Glock is the most used firearm in law-enforcement today.

Opponents Say Glock’s Are Not Perfect

Baby Glock G26As a counterpoint to Glock’s success in law-enforcement The following link is to an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles times as to why law-enforcement should not use Glock's, it is always important to look at all sides of every product, and of every story.

Yes, the article in the Los Angeles times can be argued on several points and does omit some important points about proper training, trigger control, (short trigger pull) and human behavior under stress, yet it does give one pause to at least consider all the facts.

In another article there was an opinion stated that it's not so much the gun as it being the failure to make a gun that is people proof that Glock’s and or any other short trigger pull guns are going to be a bad choice for professionals where high stress is a constant environment.

Your comments and opinions are appreciated

Trigger SafetyFiring Pin Safety Drop Safety  

Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 23 And The Glock 26 Come To Be By Learning From The Past

Glock 40 Gen4In almost the same way that American auto manufacturers were caught off guard a decade earlier by the less expensive, better made and more durable Japanese and German cars, the American gun manufacturers were also caught unaware by Glock.

Once Glock was able to make the enormous inroads with US law-enforcement he used that as leverage to win the hearts and minds of the larger and much more lucrative civilian market whch has embraced Glocks unlike any firearm in history and has one of the largest and loyal followers of any brand of firearm. The are countless Facebook groups, fan and Glock shooting clubs all across the country. 

It is estimated that there is quite possibly a Glock in every city in the U.S.  What has been your experience with your Glock?

Glock 19 Pistols For Concealed Carry Everything From The Glock 17 To The Glock 43

Starting back in 1986 Glock perfection was quickly becoming one of the most well-known firearms not only in the United states but in the world with the release of the Glock 17, it has continued to grow in popularity due to its unsurpassed reliability and above average magazine capacity of 17 rounds, the Glock 17 is now clearly the most widely used law-enforcement pistol worldwide.Glock Logo

During this time in American Law-Enforcement history officers were beginning to be out gunned by criminals, One such infamous incident was an FBI shootout with a couple of bank robbers in the city of Miami in 1986, this particular shootout seemed to be a pivotal point in history for Law-Enforcement because it was then when they realized that the classic Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver no longer was truly capable of addressing the threat of a semi-automatic handgun in the hands of criminals.

It was a true moment of being in the right place at the right time for Gaston Glock, he stated words to the effect of "I have the pistol of the future, and it address exactly what you feel you are lacking"

What Makes Glock Pistols So Popular

Whether you are a proponent or opponent of Glock's I think all would have to agree that there are at least 10 strong points in favor of Glock which has been proven through the years and they are;


Especially in the early years Glock's were made to a Precision and hand fitting that just was not being done by any other manufacturer, now although many modern firearms have now equaled the Glock in reliability Glock does have the definite advantage as being first.


Over the last several decades Glock has clearly proven its durability in all types of environmental and operating conditions. The polymer frame has more than lived up to its expectations and can endure a wide variety of impacts that would normally cause damage to other frames made of aluminum or steel.


One of the biggest advantages that Glock has is its overall weight as compared to metal or aluminum framed firearms, The weight savings between a Glock and other comparable pistols or revolvers is on average between 25% to 30%.

The Grip Shape

Glock has become famous in the firearms world for the European design and the natural pointing angle between the grip and the bore of their firearms. As the polymer design negates the need for an actual separate grip there is also the lack of need for any grip screws, or bushings, and therefore in itself also helps in requiring less maintenance of the gun.

Low Bore

The rails of the Glock are so small they add very little to the parts stack height up to the bore. The barrel locks tight into the ejection port of the slide, and as such the thickness of the steel above the barrel is no more than that which is needed for the structural integrity of the firearm. Also, the firing pin height is only what is needed for the tale to reach down to the cruciform of the trigger bar.

Glock Low Felt Recoil

What many do not realize is that the low felt recoil of a Glock results from the combination of the flex of the polymer frame, the angle of the grip and the hand filling grip that doesn't have joints " were the (nonexistent) grip meets the frame combined with the low bore line.

Other contributing factors are that the low bore aids in the low felt recoil as the moving parts do not have as much physical leverage when they bottom out against the frame. Another point is that the actual flexible polymer frame itself changes the real nature of the impact between the slide and the frame, take all of this into account and you have a remarkably low felt recoil compared other pistols, especially in the earlier days of production compared to other manufacturers.

Glock Maintenance

With just minimal training and practice virtually anyone can swap out parts of a Glock. Typically, the only real things that you might need assistance or extra tools would be learning how to install new sights, or fitting a non Glock made barrel, aftermarket parts or accessories.


From its first release the Glock 17 was renowned for its magazine capacity of 17 rounds, At the time of its original release the most any other firearm held was the Smith & Wesson M-59 at 15 rounds.

Glock Simplicity of use

Because of the simplicity of the design of the firearm training time took much less then for the average semi auto pistol or even revolver in some cases. This was clearly evident when students were first learning to shoot posted higher qualification scores with less time when shooting a Glock as compared to revolvers are other pistols.

The Cool Factor

Glock's appear to be all business, they have that very Austrian quality look like that of a well-made precision industrial type tool.

Glock 29 10mmNow for some fun facts about the Glock 17 And 19 Pistol that very few know about

  • One of the most popular Glock's is the Glock 19 among civilians and law-enforcement alike, it is rapidly replacing the Glock 17 as a favorite amongst law-enforcement and military units around the world.
  • Many attribute the actor Bruce Willis to have started the whole "invisible to airport metal detector thing", it was from a line that he gave in Diehard 2 (even though he made a mistake and called the Glock 17 a Glock 7)
  • By the way a Glock is made up of about 84% steel by weight.
  • The ammunition in a Glock 19 weighs just slightly more than the firearm itself.
  • A Glock 19 may be made with the same material as found in some running shoes!
  • A Glock 19 is made of very few parts, 34 in all
  • One of the very first movie appearances of a Glock 19 also included the actor Emilio Estevez and the musician Mick Jagger!
  • Gaston Glock shot the Glock 19 and all of the Glock's the very first time with his left hand, and why you might ask, it's because he's practical and just in case there was some kind of catastrophic failure on a new model it would not damage his primary right hand, true story!