KRISS Firearms Of Switzerland

KRISS Firearms Of Switzerland

KRISS Firearms Are Driven By Precision

The SPHINX line up of handguns embodies over 130 years of Swiss precision manufacturing. Each SPHINX pistol is meticulously assembled by hand and fitted by a master gunsmith. The SDP (Special Duty Pistol) series shares design elements from the world famous competition SPHINX pistols that came before it. Top quality materials such as steel, aluminum, and advanced polymer composites are used in the construction of the various SDP models sold.

The SDP features full length, precision, guide rails and extremely tight tolerances around the breach for the utmost accuracy. Recoil is very easily managed through the low bore axis design and high grip ergonomics. The match grade trigger is seamless with a very short and distinctive reset.

KRISS Firearms The decocking lever is ambidextrous and the magazine release is reversible. Also, for added safety, a visual and tactile chamber indicator. The SPHIN SDP is offered in three size options, standard, compact, and subcompact. The value of the SPHINX SDP is second to none, custom handgun craftsmanship with a production price tag.  

The First Major Breakthrough in Firearm Operating Systems in More Than 120 Years

The KRISS Vector and the patented Super V recoil mitigation system represent the first advancement in firearm operating systems in over a century. By reducing felt recoil by up to 60% and muzzle climb by up to 90%, the KRISS Vector works with the operator to consistently put more rounds on target. In addition to the Super V design, the ergonomics of the KRISS Vector also contribute to the accuracy and controllability.

The low bore axis and high firing hand position reduce the leverage recoil forces have on the Vector. Also, the stock design supports the rear of the gun from its highest point, above the bore, to reduce muzzle climb. The Vector s made of advanced polymer composites, steel, and aluminum to give the gun a lightweight, but strong construction. The KRISS Vector is the next generation firearm for the next generation shooter. 


KRISS Recoil System Position 1     KRISS Recoil System Position 2   KRISS Recoil System Position 3

KRISS Firearms Accessories Are Without Compromise Or Equal 

DEFIANCE is focused on providing accessories to give the shooter a calculated and quantifiable advantage. DEFIANCE product offerings include the HALO tritium and fiber optic gun sights, as well as the HPS (High Precision Silencer) and APS (Advanced Precision Silencer) silencers.

At DEFIANCE, quality materials and precision engineering are paired with innovative design that develop value-creating products.

HALO stands for H3 Adaptive Luminescent Optic. HALO gun sights combine the best characteristics of H3 Tritium and fiber optics systems into one complete package. The Tritium HALO rear sight is precision machined from steel and features a serrated back, to reduce glare, and is available in red or green.

The HALO front sight is a Tritium and fiber optic hybrid. The H3 Tritium insert is wrapped with a fiber optic light tube then capped with sapphire and secured in a precision machined housing, the result I the most reliable gun sight option for any lighting or weather conditions.

DEFIANCE Silencers are made with ‘K-Type’ baffles, to trap sound, and are designed to be both accurate, and ergonomic. The HPS 4GSK and HPS series of silencers are made specifically for the KRISS Vector and H&K MP5, respectively. The HPS series feature an aluminum and steel construction that is Mil-spec anodized. Minimal zero-shift, if any, is experienced out to 30 meters with the HPS Silencer. 

The APS Silencer line is available for all major service pistols and offers 12 points of adjustment for zero-shift. The adjustment collar is numbered to ease point of impact adjustment, and the silencer can be shot wet or dry.  Take your firearm to the next level with DEFIANCE. 




KRISS Firearms of Switzerland, Innovative Technology 

KRISS is a Switzerland-based development group that delivers innovative firearms technology to correspond with the requirements of twenty-first century law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters around the world. KRISS products are made in the United States and utilize the KRISS Super V recoil mitigation technology, the first major breakthrough in firearm operating system in over 120 years.

SPHINX – SPHINX is the Swiss standard for pistol manufacturing. SPHINX high precision handguns are produced in Switzerland and hand fitted by master gunsmiths. SPHINX products represent the best traditions of Swiss quality; uncompromising attention to detail, unique craftsmanship, and an unparalleled ownership experience.

Defiance – DEFIANCE’s objective is the production of mission critical accessories to assist security operators in fulfilling their asymmetric warfare and training requirements. DEFIANCE products offer more than just high quality construction and precision engineering, they offer features that evolve firearms to meet the shooter’s needs. 

                Vector CRB ENHANCED .45 ACP                KRISS Vector SBR ENHANCED .45 ACP

                   Vector CRB .45 Cal