Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties


Hiring a bodyguard is not a strenuous task as many people may think; there are a number of professional companies that deal specifically with the task of finding and enlisting competent people who can provide one with adequate security round the clock. These companies are keen on ensuring that they offer security services that are tailored to fit into your daily routine with minimum disruption to both your work life and family life.

Depending on the needs of a particular person or persons, bodyguards can be employed for both long term and short-term basis depending on the needs of a client. There are situations whereby the services of a bodyguard/s are required for a single occasion and instances where the services of a bodyguard may be required for a prolonged period. Companies in Las Vegas Nevada that deal with this kind of service offer their customers both male and female bodyguards who are well trained, screened and licensed.

Every day the city of Las Vegas Nevada hosts guests from all over the world. These guests face varying levels of security threats, which security companies take into consideration before discharging their services. There are several questions you may want to ask the service providers in regard to hiring a bodyguard. These questions may include;

  • Who is executive protection designed for?
  • Is there a need to protect people with special needs and children?
  • Where is close protection most needed?
  • What threat level has been established in regard to your case?
  • Is there a need to work with the Las Vegas Police department?
  • Do you need overt or covert bodyguard services?
  • How many hours are you supposed to be under the bodyguard protection?
  • For how long do you require the services of a bodyguard/s?
  • Do you require that the bodyguard speaks any particular language for better communication and understanding?
  • Are the bodyguards properly vetted and if so is it possible to check their references?

Those looking to hire the services of a bodyguard in Las Vegas must be a live to the fact that questions will also be asked of them. This is for the purpose of establishing which bodyguard service best suits their particular needs. This is also for the purpose of providing the client with the best and most efficient level of service and to match the requirements of a client with the bodyguard with the most suitable skill set.

Close Protection Operative Or Bodyguard?

There is a wide array of terminologies that are used to describe bodyguards. These terms heavily rely upon the purpose upon which the services of a bodyguard are required for. The word or term bodyguard is a generic term, those who are conversant with security matters will tell you that there are quite a number of types of bodyguards depending on the role they play. Below we are going to discuss bodyguards who offer executive protection.

Executive Protection

Executive protection services are provided and carried out in all most all cities in the world. The beauty of this kind of protection is that one may not even notice it. Most of us have seen photos of famous people online or in the press being protected by bodyguards and this is the perception majority of the people have when it comes to close protection bodyguards. Contrary to popular belief not all close protection is overt in nature. Many people who seek the services of bodyguards prefer not to draw attention to them; they opt for a subtler approach to the close protection business.

Under the executive protection category, there are several specialist fields and experiences which range from working with young children to working with at times members of the different royal families around the world. Each task or job requires a bodyguard to have a different mind-set and skills. This means that for a bodyguard to properly discharge his/her duties he/she must fully apply him/herself to the task at hand. Each assignment may demand that the bodyguard possess certain qualifications and skills such as Pediatric first aid qualifications amongst many others.

Additionally, an executive bodyguard is supposed to have great interpersonal skills so as to help him provide his/her services in the most efficient manner. The bodyguard must have proper etiquette and must not act in a manner that may offend or scandalize his/her client.