Pierce Performance Ammunition

Pierce Performance Ammunition

Pierce Munitions Offers Ammunition, Components, And Pistol Brass In Bulk Quantities

Pierce Munitions is proud to offer their pistol brass for sale to other manufacturers.  We offer custom head stamping and rigorously inspect our cases to ensure that they are within spec and withhold testing against all industry standards.  Interested parties can obtain information by contacting us directly.    

In an effort to reach a larger audience, we recently parted ways with our exclusive distributor and are currently seeking distribution, wholesale, and retail outlets to carry our inventory lines. 

We are excited to offer our products to the public on a larger scale!  Interested parties can send a message to a Pierce representative.  

We also sell direct to consumers where legal via our websites listed below. We continuously update our inventory and feature rotating specials and discounts.  In addition to boxes of finished rounds, we also sell components and bulk quantities. 

Our product ships UPS and orders leave our warehouse every day, Monday through Friday.  Go online today to view our extensive inventory and check out our specials.  Make sure to visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

We appreciate customer feedback and look forward to servicing all your ammunition needs.  

The team at Pierce Munitions is passionate about shooting.  We take our work and our products seriously and have a lot of fun while doing so!  Perfecting our processes and creating exciting new products is an ongoing progression. 

As we continue to expand, we look forward to producing exciting, quality, custom made ammunition for all of our customers and nationwide.  


Phone: 1-866-357-10MM  

Pierce Munitions Teams Up With Ted Nugent To Deliver Superior Hunting And Self-Defense Ammunition 

In April, 2012, Pierce Munitions teamed up with rock legend, avid hunter, and gun rights enthusiast Ted Nugent to exclusively produce Ted Nugent American Defender and Ted Nugent hunting ammo. 

Built to Uncle Ted's specifications, this ammunition sets a new standard of quality and performance in the industry.  We have worked closely with Ted Nugent’s management team and Mr. Nugent himself to develop these lines and ensure that avid fans and serious hunters receive only the best rounds in the business. 

Ted Nugent ammunition complements Pierce's existing lines of ball and cowboy action rounds.

Developed for hunters that demand the most out of each round they shoot, Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Ammunition has unparalleled stopping power and accuracy. 

Pierce uses Barnes® and Speer® projectiles, renowned for their deadly accuracy, immediate expansion, and game stopping performance.  This line includes popular handgun calibers, as well, giving pistol hunters extreme accuracy and deep penetration for quick, flawless kills . 

Our meticulous testing, loading, and quality control measures, combined with impeccable components, ensure that serious hunters will have only the best rounds for their next hunting adventure. 

Ted Nugent American Defender self-defense ammunition is custom loaded to provide optimum performance under any circumstance.  Made for those who are serious about protecting themselves and keeping their family safe, American Defender packs maximum stopping power and low muzzle flash to ensure that the defender has the advantage. 

You’ll sleep soundly knowing that you’re armed and prepared against intruders.

Pierce Ammunition For Sporting Arms, Target Shooting, Self-Defense, And Cowboy Action Shooting 

In 2009, Pierce Munitions, LLC was founded in Buffalo, New York.  Pierce recognized that safety, quality and performance should always come first in the production of ammunition. 

Pierce Performance Ammunition never sacrifices quality over speed of production or inferior components. All ammunition is created to Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures’ Institute’s (SAAMI) specifications.  

Ted Nugent Hnadgun AmmoPierce Munitions only obtains supplies from top brass manufacturers in the industry, as well as produces its own pistol brass.  Projectiles are sourced from the most highly regarded names in the business. 

Each assembly machine is capable of holding a tolerance of plus or minus 1/10th of a grain of powder, while skilled operators maintain stringent statistical process control procedures.  Once the round is loaded, each bullet is individually weighed by high-speed check weighers, optically inspected, and hand packaged for sales.

We believe that target ammo should perform as reliably and accurately as hunting and defense rounds.  The highly trained engineers at Pierce Munitions refuse to sacrifice quality for cost in any sense. 

Ted Nugent Ammunition Is High Performance

Our product development and ballistics teams spend countless hours testing ammunition in a controlled ballistics laboratory, keenly aware that high-quality components alone do not make superior rounds. 
Pierce Ammo 9mm

Velocity, energy, pressures, and accuracy are measured at ambient and extreme elevated temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of climates. Pierce Munitions' extensive testing also includes ballistic gelatin tests. 

These tests allow us to know what happens when the projectile strikes its target.  Our heavy focus on testing and quality is what sets Pierce apart from any other ammunition on the market. 

The Pierce Outlaw Cowboy Action Ammunition line was created to address the growing popularity of Cowboy Action shooting.  Shooters have been searching for the perfect round to knock down targets with their favorite six-shooter.  

With this line, they can experience the authenticity of the past with the precision of the present.  Outlaw ammo gives SASS competitors a leg up in accuracy and reliability, while maintaining the traditional style and spirit of the sport.  


Phone: 1-866-357-10MM  

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