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Smith And Wesson

HISTORY OF SMITH & WESSONGuns were originally a very different sort of weapon. The very earliest we know was born in China. It is believed gone go back as far as the 12th Century.

Of course, like every other innovation, each year brought some little improvement or other until we arrive at the doors of Smith & Wesson in 1852. During the Civil War, both sides of the fray used Smith & Wesson firearms.  

Over the years, Smith & Wesson pistols and revolvers have gained acceptance with law enforcement and armed forces throughout the world.

Of course, their popularity with the general public is just as well-known.  Today’s firearms, a far cry from even the beginning of the 20th Century, have been vastly improved in every way and Smith & Wesson firearms offer the cutting edge in modern technology.

Smith And Wesson Pistols M&P Shield 2.0

S&W 9mm MP Shield 2.0One of Smith & Wesson’s proudest and most effective achievements has been reached in the presentation of the M&P Shield 2.0. Pistol with its suggested retail price of $599.00, it beats out many other supposedly competitive brands not only in price but in performance as well.  

The high grip makes the M&P Shield 2.0 comfortable due to reduced rise of the muzzle combined with quick recovery. The angle of the grip, thoroughly tested, assures optimal fit for the hand and trigger finger. The grip texture too enables better overall control.

The shooter can hear the trigger reset and the rigid stainless chassis reduces flex and torque during use. And finally, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 comes with a durable corrosion resistant finish.

Of course, at Smith & Wesson, their lifetime service policy (as permitted by federal, state and local authority), assures you of quick attentive attention and service. 

Smith And Wesson Rifles

 M&P®15T Tactical with M-LOK®Smith & Wesson proudly carries a wide selection of long weapons, something for every need and use.

Today, Smith & Wesson equips most of its rifles with a pistol grip to help the shooter maintain more control and comfort along with magazines carrying standard ten-rounds. These are almost all ready for optics and they come with a chromed firing pin and a sturdy steel bolt that won’t fail you.

These weapons are made to be used by lefties as well as right-handed shooters. Smith & Wesson, of course, makes ammo of every caliber to make sure no shooter is left with an empty chamber.  

Smith And Wesson Performance Center Guns   Performance Center® Ported M&P 9L Red Dot Sight

Here you’ll find the finest hand tuned precision firearms in the world. Each and every one, from a rifle, a pistol or to one of their revolvers, you’ll find there is no better or more accurate weapon available. Each features the ultimate in that old-world craftsmanship melded with the latest in modern technological development.

The performance center firearms don’t merely boast rich enhanced features for the best performance, but over time maintain the integrity you had when you first used one. Smith And Wesson virtually guarantees that your Performance Center weapon will give you your best shooting ever.

Smith And Wesson Revolvers

These days, a number of manufacturers have dropped revolvers from their lineups. Big mistake, Revolvers are making a major comeback! While it’s true that most revolvers carrS&W 640 Revolvery only six in the cylinder and this writer’s personal favorite, the M&P 640, carrying only 5 rounds, is a tad more costly than some of the “other” brands that are still manufactured, but this Revolver is built to last.

Weighing in at less than a pound, there’s no external hammer to catch on clothing when you need it, and when you need it, you sure don’t want a hammer catching on clothing or a jammed round in your automatic weapon. True, that doesn’t happen often these days with a serious weapon such as Smith & Wesson, but…

It's true that the M&P 640 holds only 5 rounds in various available calibers but after all, it’s not built for long-range work. you're not hunting elk with this number; you're fighting for your life. This is just for up close and personal when the chips are down. But for all that, you get a fiber optic front sight that sure can’t hurt.

A fine, well-built weapon for backup or for general concealed carry, at a suggested list of nearly $729.00, it will repay you many times over for the outlay of cash.

Smith And Wesson FoundersWhen it comes to firearms Smith & Wesson is a popular name. They are a firearms manufacturer in the United States, and the firearms they manufacture are not only popular among the police but among the sports shooters as well. The company was founded in 1852 and is currently headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts.

History Of Smith & Wesson

The Founders:

The Founders of the company were Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson, who were originally from old New England f amilies. The company gets its name from them. Horace worked at the National Armory in Springfield, where he learnt all about firearms, while Daniel was an apprentice with his brother Edwin Wesson, who was a leading target rifle and pistol maker during the 1840s. This was where their knowledge about firearms and the firearms trade came from.

Formation of the company:

The two of them first teamed up in 1852, and produced a level action repeating pistol that had a self-contained cartridge. However, this model was not successful in the market, and as a result, the company was thrown into financial difficulties.

First success:

In 1856, the duo marketed their second revolver, which could fire the Rimfire Cartridge. This was patented by the two and became the first revolver of its kind in the world. The patent prevented other manufacturers from developing a cartridge revolver—and as a result of the demands, the company began to flourish.

Another new design was manufactured in 1869 and marketed the next year, making Smith and Wesson a world leader in the handgun industry. This new model was the Model 3 American, and was the first large caliber cartridge revolver. This model was purchased by both the united States Cavalry, and by the Russian Imperial Government.

After Horace Smith retired, he sold his shares to Wesson, making him the sole owner of the company. The company’s marvelous contributions to the field of firearms continued, with the introduction of hammerless revolvers, and the world famous .38 Military & Police, also known as the Model 10.

In 1965, the company began to market the Model 60, which was the world’s first stainless steel revolver and this ushered in the era of stainless steel firearms.

Smith & Wesson has been an industry leader ever since the company was founded and even today, it continues to be a leader and a step ahead in innovation.

Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol 2.0 

Smith & Wesson have always introduced new ideas, brought new revolvers to the world which was the first of their kind. The M & P series was originally launched in 2005 and was the company’s step into the world of polymer handguns. The original gun was semi-automatic, short and recoil-operated and had a Browning type lockinPerformance Center® Ported M&P 9L Red Dot Sightg system. The M&P 2.0 is an up gradation of this handgun, with quite a few changes introduced along the way. Let’s have a look at its features.

The Grip:

It retains the original and optimal 18-degree grip angle, which helps shooters aim the gun in a more natural way. However, there are subtle changes to the handle, with a more aggressive texture being added. Its changes allow you to shoot with different sized inserts in rapid succession, thus making the newer version more stable and reliable. In fact, there are four interchangeable palm swell grip inserts which helps in optimal hand fit and trigger reach.

The Trigger

The M&P 2.0 comes with a crisp trigger that has a lighter trigger pull and the rest is also positive and audible. This makes the newest version of the pistol a sharp and accurate shooting one, combined with a very little muzzle flip.

Controls and other Features

The version retains the ambidextrous slide stop, the reversible steel magazine release button, the thumb safety lever and also the takedown lever which is a simple yet familiar feature of M & P. The gun also comes with an accurate 1 in 10 inches twist M&P 2.0 barrel and also an extended and rigid stainless steel chassis which will help reduce flex and torque during the firing of the gun.

In case you already own an M&P gun and are looking to upgrade, you do not need to buy all new accessories, as the 2.0 version uses the same magazines and sights as its older version.

The pistol also comes with an Armornite durable corrosion resistant finish and is really a stable and powerful companion.

It is available in Matte Black and Flat Dark Earth or FDE finishes and comes with two magazines, a lifetime warranty and a lifetime service policy.

The newer version is one that has subtle changes, which make the gun even more powerful than its predecessor. Another great product from the Smith & Wesson Company!

Smith & Wesson Rifles

M&P®15T Tactical with M-LOK®The rifles produced by Smith & Wesson are just as up to standard as everything else they have manufactured. The M&P 15 rifles are an ideal example of class. They are the ideal sports rifles and are built to be versatile and durable. Whether you are planning to use them for professional, recreational or sport shooting purposes, they are bound to give you the highest performance in any field.

They can be easily accessorized, are lightweight and have a rugged embodying that makes them a class apart from other similar rifles. No matter how rough the conditions are, no matter how much you use them in dust, dirt or grime, they will continue to function, and will in fact function spectacularly. These rifles are built in a way that even newcomers to the firearms world will be able to get something easy to use and full of quality, that to at a reasonable price.

Some of the features which they have are:

- A slim, aluminum, carbine-length handguard. This helps in easy handling of the rifle.

- You also have the two inches M-LOK with an aluminum picatinny-style rail panel included in it.

- Comes with a picatinny-style top rail and a forged integral trigger guard along with a Smith & Wesson flash suppressor which is patented.

- Comes with an Armornite finish on the barrel, which protects it and keeps it durable and the rifles also include a chromed firing pin.

These semi-automatic rifles are definitely something you should consider buying if you are looking for a sports rifle. They are well-performing, with positive customer reviews, and the reliability and popularity of their brand also speak volumes.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Guns 

If precision is what you are looking for, you should definitely look towards the Performance Center guns manufactured by Smith & Wesson. If you are a hunter, shooter or simply someone who is interested in self-defense handguns, then this is the one for you.These are custom-designed to fit the general needs of people and are perfect for those who are looking for handguns to suit their own needs, but at the same time cannot afford a one of a kind custom piece.

These guns have superior ergonomics and are built with a high-strength polymer frame and have included in them a stainless steel chassis. Some of these handguns also include a factory ported barrel and slide. This factory ported barrel and slide helps reduce the muzzle flip.

The guns also come with an adjustable trigger stop—which in turn helps to prevent trigger over-travel, thus keeping your gun and you safe.

Its features also allow for great control and fit well into your arms, with the help of the three interchangeable newly textured palmswell grip.

The trigger controls are also enhanced and work well under your control, making sure that you have accurate shooting controls. The trigger and the hammer are also hard-chromed.

It also comes with a polished stainless steel barrel. It can be used as a concealed carry, easily fitting into the belt-type holster and its weight is enough to mitigate recoil.

With a different approach to handguns, Smith & Wesson have produced firearms that are fresh and unique in the field, and are a joy to shoot with. They are definitely recommended.

Smith & Wesson Revolvers PERFORMANCE CENTER® MODEL 460XVR™ - 14

Other than pistols, rifles, Smith & Wesson have also produced quality revolvers, which assure one of top performance. The reason why they are so popular is that they are simple to operate and understand, and are versatile in the purposes they serve, whether it is for hunting, sports shooting, professional or defense purposes.

Smith & Wesson manufactured revolvers include the 69 Combat Magnum or the .44 Mag, and the .357 Cal series. The .44 Magnum was the first L-frame revolver they produced and it comes with a four-and-a-half-inch barrel, when it first came out and was then shortened to two and three-fourth inches. It is a compact package, that can be well controlled and is highly accurate, at the same time, being very lightweight.

Another notable revolver involves the Smith & Wesson Model 686, which is a double action revolver and is chambered in a .357 Magnum, making it a shooting weapon for a wide range. It also comes with adjustable rear sights and generally holds 6 rounds which can be expanded to 7 rounds. (different model)

It weighs around 3 pounds, which is very useful to protect it from heavy recoil. The trigger is also crisp and quick.

These revolvers will also help to shoot well with precision and are remarkably durable, and are good to use in any condition. They are long-lasting and will make a good companion, and you won’t feel any pressure on your wrists as a result of your shooting.

Smith & Wesson is a highly trusted name in the firearms community, living up to the standards of firearm manufacturing and checking any requirements for the production of such firearms. Their products have always received very positive reviews from customers who have spoken of great service life. They have had a rich history in the firearms industry and continue to be highly renowned and sought after.

If you are looking to buy firearms, don't forget to try out Smith And Wesson