Finding A Gunsmith

Finding A Gunsmith

Finding a Professional Gunsmith

Some of the specialty disciplines for gunsmiths can include; Custom building and designing, customized finishes to the metal surfaces, modifications and/or custom designs of wooden and/or metal and plastic stocks and grips, specializations for the type of checkering that can be applied to wood plastics and metal.

One Very highly specialized gunsmith is one that does intricate engraving on the metal surfaces of the firearm. There are those gunsmiths that specialize in handguns which are commonly known as “Pistol Smiths” and work only on automatic pistols and revolvers. There are even those gunsmiths that are known for their specific niche, and work just with specific components of firearms such as; receivers, trigger assemblies, barrels, and flintlocks style rifles.

Because of the intricacies of many of the modern firearms gunsmiths are considered as one of the most skilled tradespersons in the world.

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The Difference Between An Armorer And A Gunsmith

It is highly suggested that before you have any work done on your firearm that you confirm that the gunsmith you choose is properly trained and is also registered with the ATF.  

Some of the primary differences between a true gunsmith and armorer is that an armor is typically an individual who attends a class sponsored by a specific firearms manufacturer to be able to;  maintain a firearm,  perform disassembly, cleaning, and be able to replace worn parts, and conducting very minor and limited adjustments and or repairs, whereas a gunsmith is capable of doing much more including factory level repairs,  a complete renovation of a firearm including modifications to the functionality of the firearm, and modifying or enhancing the finish of the firearm and to make alterations for special uses. Some modifications require guidelines to be followed per ATF regulations.

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Finding A Gunsmith

Gunsmiths are tradespersons who specialize in the maintenance, the design, construction, upgrades, customization, and repair of all types of firearms. A very impressive set of skills.

Gunsmithing In finding a gunsmith one must remember that there are different disciplines in gunsmithing. There are those gunsmiths that specialize in revolvers others in autos, and others that even specialize in rifles and there are those that even specialize in specific makes of firearms and/or calibers.   A true master gunsmith may even have the skill and training to work on virtually any firearm.

Gunsmiths Are Highly Skilled

The importance of a highly skilled gunsmith is of the utmost significance as any number of seemingly very trivial adjustments or errors during the manufacturing, repair, or upgrade of a firearm can cause a firearm to become unreliable and/or dangerous.

To be considered a true master gunsmith the tradesperson has to possess multiple skills of those of a metalworker, woodworker, mechanic, and will have to have a strong working knowledge of math, ballistics and even chemistry.  

As firearms are closely regulated in the U.S. much of the work that a gunsmith does is regulated by the ATF. The amount of time that a firearm is in the possession of a gunsmith and or specific work that is performed on a firearm may have to be documented and reported to the ATF.

Gunsmith tools of the Trade                                                  Early Gunsmith at work

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