People From Portsmouth, VA And All Over The World Come To Las Vegas To Shoot The .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Barrett .50 Cal W/ ScopeThis is an open invitation to anyone in Portsmouth, VA or out there who have the curiosity of this large .50 caliber propeller of down range fun, know that there are places where these dreams can be culled in an affordable, safe, and controlled manner. We here at U.S. Precision Defense gladly give the ranges in Las Vegas two thumbs up for their unique approach to an absolutely fun firearm experience with a twist. We encourage you to go and join them for your personal experience with the .50 BMG Barrett Sniper Rifle, a true weapon of unparalleled power, and bringer of smiles to your face for many many years to come!

Inviting friends From Portsmouth, VA to Shoot the .50 cal Barrett Sniper Rifle and Machine Guns in Las Vegas

Already knowing the destructive capability of the mighty .50 BMG against hard targets in burst scenarios made the experience much more enjoyable, knowing that if I did my part the weapon would do its part, and put a ½ round through a hard target from brick buildings to light armored vehicles with surgical precision.  

This particular weapon and its later designed brothers can be manned by someone just like you from Portsmouth, VA and not only those of us that have served in the armed forces.

I hope that in time some of you will from Portsmouth, VA in fact find the time to do exactly that. Many of us know of someone who has fired this and/or many firearms of many designs and calibers throughout their lives, or are one of those firearms enthusiasts ourselves. The allure and feeling of doing such can be described in open conversation in Portsmouth, VA amongst those people who have or routinely do.

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It’s come to my attention that many friends from “across the pond”  in the United Kingdom are coming to enjoy such experiences whilst on their vacations to our country. To which I find this point a little odd in some instances. For an example, look at our friends in Germany to start. This is the country that designed and built the mighty Jaeger Rifle for which many of this countries classic firearms were designed around to include the Pennsylvania and Kentucky rifle which was used from the Revolutionary war, The war of 1812, to the Civil War and was used by most of the brave men and women expanding through the North American continent. They all used this basic design for security and food. It is odd that our country of freedom and liberties owe in large part our existence, to a rifle designed by a country that is extremely limited in its firearm usage and ownership.

Shooters From Around The World Come To Las Veags To Shoot Big Guns

To our friends in the United Kingdom.... and from Portsmouth, VA, Where to start. I know that Rifles, Shotguns, Black Powder firearms, and subsequent powder are allowed to be owned with proper licensing, but still very restricted. Many of the UK's early explorers used firearms with great tradition and history in their journeys across the world. These brave explorers proudly used their firearms for food, defense, and in many times tools in their voyages unlocking the secrets of the many corners of the globe.

Many of you in Portsmouth, VA have heard of Allan Quatermain I'm sure, but did you know that this adventures are fictional stories based on a real explorer named Frederick Courteney Selous. Frederick was known to use one of the largest caliber rifles known,  a  4 bore monster he lovingly referred to as “baby”.

“Baby” was used for large game hunting, and fired a projectile roughly 1 inch in diameter. The UK is really the country to look to for many of the firearm and caliber innovations in the past 200 years. I openly invite the country that has brought us the great company known as Holland and Holland and its true innovation, artful design, and many of the largest calibers still to be seen on the planet, to come and enjoy what maybe the closest thing they can to what it was like to fire a weapon of equal, if not more power to what their forefather explorers did, and bring a real life experience and understanding to what they may only understand in a “once upon a time” way.

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Portsmouth, VA - As Sean McQuade, victim of the Virginia Tech massacre is released from the hospital, the nation struggles over gun control as two Virginia gun shop owners decided it was time to take a stand.

One month after the deadliest shooting by one individual in U.S. history, two Virginia gun shop owners held a raffle to give away free guns. "Guns in the hands of decent law-abiding citizens is a good thing," one of the shop owners said. "In my opinion, you can't have too many of those kinds of guns."

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - As the president called for gun law solutions Wednesday, Virginia lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said they would introduce new proposals. "If people were armed, not just police officers, but school officials, there would be opportunities to stop aggressors from coming  into the school," McDonnell said.

"I think that is a reasonable discussion to be had." Delegate Bob Marshall, said "My statute simply says you must designate an individual," Marshall said. "I'm not saying pick 30 people, but you need someone trained with the handling of guns." 

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