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  • Graduate of the F.B.I. Firearms Instructors Institute
  • Lieutenant in charge of Criminal Investigations
  • Field Training Officer / Training new recruits
  • Concealed Carry permit holder for 38 years
  • Emergency Services Team (S.W.A.T)
  • Station Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • K-9 Handler

My family has a proud history of serving our community and country, I served in Law Enforcement and one of my Sons in the U.S. Army where we both saw and had personal first hand experiences with armed encounters.

It is our extensive training and personal experiences that we draw from to bring to you all the necessary information, preparation, equipment, and proven training techniques that you will need to protect your family and yourself and all the while exercising your constitutional rights under the 2nd amendment.

With the crime rate what it is in our country and Gangs controlling our inner city streets, and Law Enforcement resources stretched to the limit and beyond due to shrinking budgets, and the fact that we all now face a new threat in the form of domestic terrorism we, meaning you and I need to do everything we can to protect our family, loved ones, and ourselves.

And the way to provide that protection is to be a properly trained and responsible concealed carry firearm permit holder. It’s your right under the constitution!

The world is no longer a place where you can always expect others to protect what is precious to you; one only needs to watch the local, national, and even international news to know just how true this is. The world has changed and we all need to be prepared to face the new challenges.

The purpose of this website is to impart Our Staff’s extensive experience and to bring to you world class knowledge, training, and equipment that is not found on any other single website.

Our information database will be constantly growing as new techniques and equipment are developed. Our staff and contributors will help teach you the six basic fundamentals of handgun shooting. (We include what some consider is the 7th fundamental, the “Draw”)

  • Grip
  • Sights
  • Stance
  • Breathing
  • Trigger Control
  • Recovery for follow up shots

You will be shown how to choose the right firearm and caliber combination that works best for you. You will be taught the right way to train for an armed encounter and the importance of a “conditioned response” or more commonly known as “muscle memory” and why proper training is so critical in surviving an encounter.

We will teach you how to prepare:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Legally

You will learn how to be safe, trained, and a responsible Concealed Firearm permit holder. We will walk you through the entire process so that ALL your questions will be answered and you will be shown simple and easy to understand “How To’s” in areas such as:

  • Choice of Caliber
  • Proper holster selection
  • How to draw your weapon
  • Proper Shooting technique
  • How to properly conceal your weapon
  • Choice of Weapon; Revolver Vs. Automatic
  • Your local requirements on how to obtain a CCW
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of your weapon
  • Legalities of magazine capacities allowed in each state
  • Legalities for type of ammunition allowed in each state
  • How to make your firearm safe around family and in the home
  • How to be both Mentally and Physically ready for an armed encounter
  • How to be Legally prepared for both a possible civil liability and criminal charges
  • Consideration for possible accessories; IE, grips, holsters, laser pointers, sights, magazines & speed loaders

You will be invited to our regional “Shoot in’s” where you will get expert instruction along with fun activities.

  • A list of shooting ranges around the country.
  • A list of qualified gunsmiths around the country.
  • A list of qualified firearms instructors around the country.
  • We also provide you with A CCW reciprocity map where you can find what states will honor your CCW permit. As part of our map we include information on all 50 states Deadly Force laws:
  1. Duty to retreat before using deadly force outside of special places
  2. Crimes justifying use of deadly force outside of special places
  3. Duty to retreat when occupying special places
  4. Special places mentioned in statute such as home, workplace, occupied vehicle, etc.
  5. Presumption of reasonableness in special places
  6. Unlawful acts justifying use of deadly force in special places
  7. Immunity from civil liability
  8. Notable provisions of a state’s self defense law

All the above and much more will be found on this website, much of it is available free. We invite you to look through our online store of top name shooting products and accessories.


It is our commitment to be continually upgrading and offering more information, we expect and encourage everyone who visits this site to contact us and let us know what you’re looking for, and how we can improve our services to you.