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Our advertisement program is proprietary and highly unique in the way in which our articles reach the public at the State, City, and even a Neighborhood search level. Our system generates over 40,000 pages associated with our site, and is growing every week!  

We are constantly expanding our article base and reaching out to both experienced and new members of the shooting public. We are attracting new shooters every day looking for information and products.

Our highly targeted marketing strategy: 

  • To all 50 states
  •  To 1000's of Cities across the country
  • To 100,000's of Neighborhoods all across the U.S.
  • Submit unlimited number of articles for ALL of your products
  • Pay for only Ad impressions and clicks to your site, no charge for Gun Blog views.
  • Advertise by reaching out to your customers with highly informative articles, photos, and videos that truly engage your customers, and then point them to your website, no longer do you have to rely solely on just "Icon Clicking"


Here is an example of how well our system works....


In the category of "Holsters for Concealed Carry" if you were to use Google as the search engine and you were to type in; "Holsters for Concealed Carry" in (then list any city in California as an example)" you will find that our article about "Holsters for Concealed Carry" appears on page 1 and in some rare cases page 2 of a Google search for any city listed in the state of California!

What this means is that your advertisement article will not have to compete with a general search and dozens of other competitor sites, if someone types any key word(s) that are in the title(s) of your article and also lists their state, or city, or neighborhood your article will be on page one, virtually every time!

Ad Specifications - Dimensions:

300 x 300 Pixel - Static – Right Sidebar 300 x 600 Pixel - Static – Right Sidebar 830 x 124 Pixel - Static or Horizontal Rotating


Right Sidebar Ads appear on the following pages;

• About Us • The Shooting Basics • Our Staff • Blog • Insurance • Photo and Video Library • State Gun Laws and all 50 Sub pages

• Gun Articles (All Geo landing pages, Approx 40,000)

• Glossary Page • Sponsor Page (A second listing as an advertiser)

Horizontal Rotating Ads appear on the following pages; Note: Rotating Ads are limited to four (4) Advertisers

• Home Page • At the bottom of each the Gun Article pages (All Geo landing pages, Approx 108,000)  

Our Marketing Program

  • Includes a free listing in our Business Directory
  • The option of selling your products on our Store
  • Includes an additional listing on our sponsors page
  • If you supply your product it will be featured in our photo and video library
  • Includes advertisement on our Social Media; Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
  • Placement of your logo/link on all 108,000+ of our pages, which links directly to your website.
  • You supply an article of a minimum of 2050+ words (The larger the better) specific to your products and that article will be incorporated into our directory (Geo Pages) which creates a page about your product specific to all 50 states and every city currently in our database and all new cities when updated.

You also have the option of posting: Articles, Blogs, Photos, and Videos on our site

For pricing and additional information please send us a message and we will call you back the same day...Click Here

Or call Phone: 855.300.6779