District Of Columbia Gun Laws

District Of Columbia Gun Laws

District Of Columbia Gun And Self-Defense Laws: YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL. Always Consult An Attorney 

Rifles & Shotguns Handguns
Permit to Purchase NO NO
Registration of Firearms YES YES
Licensing of Owners NO NO
Permit to Carry Not Available YES

Carrying a handgun, rifle, or shotgun in the District is prohibited, except that a person holding a valid registration for a firearm may carry it in his home or place of business, while it is being used for lawful recreational purposes, and while being being transported for a lawful purpose in accordance with District or federal statute.

The District's law regarding carrying a concealed handgun has recently changed. Here is what the MPD currently says regarding applications for a Concealed Pistol License:

Pursuant to the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Wrenn v. District of Columbia and Grace v. District of Columbia, applicants for a license to carry a concealed handgun in the District of Columbia no longer need to provide a good reason for carrying a handgun. All other suitability and training requirements as described in the regulations and application must still be met. All forms and information sheets will be updated shortly. In the meantime, if there is a reference to providing a good reason, please disregard.

If your application for a carry license has been previously denied because of a failure to provide a good reason, you may reapply for a license to carry. You will not be charged a fee for this application.

Please contact the Firearms Registration Section at (202) 727-4275 with any questions.

Duty to retreat before using Deadly force outside of Special Places

It is best to retreat! The law is very confusing

Crimes Justifying use of Deadly Force outside of Special Places

None Mentioned

Duty to Retreat when occupying special Places - Special places Mentioned in Statute such as Home, Workplace, Occupied Vehicle

It is best to retreat! The law is very confusing

Presumption of Reasonableness in Special Places - Unlawful Acts justifying use of Deadly Force in Special Places


Immunity from Civil liability


Notable Provisions of this State's Self-Defense Law

Case law only and the state and federal cases sometimes have a direct conflict!