Mississippi Gun Laws

Mississippi Gun Laws

Mississippi State Gun And Self-Defense Laws: YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL. Always Consult An Attorney                          

Rifles & Shotguns Handguns
Permit to Purchase NO NO
Registration of Firearms NO NO
Licensing of Owners NO NO
Permit to Carry NO  NO*

 *A permit to carry is available, but it is not required to carry a handgun either openly or concealed.  

Duty to retreat before using Deadly force outside of Special Places


Crimes Justifying use of Deadly Force outside of Special Places

Felony, suppressing a riot, keeping the peace

Duty to Retreat when occupying special Places - Special places Mentioned in Statute such as Home, Workplace, Occupied Vehicle

No - Home

Presumption of Reasonableness in Special Places - Unlawful Acts justifying use of Deadly Force in Special Places

Yes - Committing a violent felony against the person, his dwelling, occupied vehicle

Immunity from Civil liability


Notable Provisions of this State's Self-Defense Law

Reimbursement for attorney fees for having to defend against a civil lawsuit if the court finds you were justified in using force to defend yourself

How to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in Mississippi


Concealed Carry Permits are issued by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety: Highway Patrol.

1st time applications are now available at your nearest Highway Patrol Substation. There are substations located in Jackson, Greenwood, Batesville, New Albany, Starkville, Meridian, Hattiesburg, Biloxi, and Brookhaven.

MISSISSIPPI DOES NOT HAVE NON-RESIDENT PERMITS. Mississippi Law 45-9-101 (2) (a) states “The Department of Public Safety shall issue a license if the applicant: is a resident of the state and has been a resident for twelve (12) months or longer immediately preceding the filing of the application”.

For further information please see the Mississippi DPS Firearms Permit Unit, CLICK HERE:

Restrictions that may be placed on non-resident permits, individuals under the age of 21, qualifying permit classes, and/or any other factor which may limit reciprocity and/or recognition.  For any particular situation, a licensed local attorney must be consulted for an accurate interpretation.  YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL.