North Carolina Gun Laws

North Carolina Gun Laws

North Carolina State Gun And Self-Defense Laws: YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL. Always Consult An Attorney                                     

Rifles & Shotguns Handguns
Permit to Purchase NO YES
Registration of Firearms NO  NO*
Licensing of Owners NO  NO*
Permit to Carry NO YES

* Sheriff to retain and make available to law enforcement agencies a list of permitees.

State Self-Defense Law Review: Always Consult An Attorney

Duty to retreat before using Deadly force outside of Special Places

No, when facing deadly threat, yes for non-deadly threat

Crimes Justifying use of Deadly Force outside of Special Places

Felonies involving threat of death or serious bodily injury

Duty to Retreat when occupying special Places - Special places Mentioned in Statute such as Home, Workplace, Occupied Vehicle

No - Dwelling, premises, place of business

Presumption of Reasonableness in Special Places - Unlawful Acts justifying use of Deadly Force in Special Places

No - Violent felonies

Immunity from Civil liability


Notable Provisions of this State's Self-Defense Law



How to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in North Carolina


North Carolina has allowed qualifying residents of the state to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun from the Sheriff of the applicant’s home county. The permit is valid for five years unless it is revoked.

List of North Carolina Sheriff's Departments: Click Here

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The Required Documents are:

  • Application completed under oath on a form provided by the sheriff
  • Full set of fingerprints administered by the sheriff
  • An original certificate of completion of an approved safety course
  • A release that authorized and requires disclosure to the Sheriff of any records concerning the mental health of capacity of the applicant

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