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V.P. RESEARCH Served in the U.S. Army 2002-2007 as an Infantryman. Survived several armed confrontations from 2003 to 2005 Trained in small unit tactics. Firearm proponent, especially in the matter of safe and confident operation to protect one’s self and loved ones. Firearms ownership is an absolute right; however, I do believe that with ownership of ANY firearm the individual should be well versed in its functioning and operation. One should strive to operate a firearm with great proficiency and that all firearms owners should store firearms with the greatest of attention to detail and safety.

I am happy to be a part of an organization that will strive to bring confident, professional, and attentiveness to subscriber needs and questions. I am proud to be part of an educational site that is dedicated to the 2nd amendment, as well as providing a solid resource for all concealed carry holders in their pursuit of their individual rights under their individual state laws, and the reciprocity state laws of where they can legally carry their chosen method of self-protection. I Look forward to being part of this organization that is providing the single most comprehensive resource for products and information to both the long time concealed weapons license holder as well as the new gun owner so that they may to have a resource center for safety details, as well as training to help those new to firearms gain a foundational knowledge of how to accurately and precisely operate their weapon to gain an advantage and “edge” over those that are the reason we carry a weapon.

V.P. Business Development

  • First female range officer at The Gun Store, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • I have testified as an expert by BATF in court hearings
  • Expert with firearm law and regulations with BATF
  • Owned and operated her own firearms business
  • Death Investigator for Clark County Nevada
  • Former competitive USPSA shooter
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • A Glock armorer
  • CCW Holder

"More About Alicia"

I was introduced to firearms from a very young age by my father who would take me and my brother out target shooting. It was always a fun time and I can say that I have no memory of being afraid or intimidated by shooting. I honestly remember wanting to be the best shot and hit everything from cans to whatever targets my dad put out for us. My dad was always very safety conscious and my brother and I learned to properly handle and respect firearms. I have a unique background one that has enriched my life beyond compare. I have been a Death Investigator for Clark County, Coroner’s office in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that position I performed investigations to determine the cause and manner of death in cases that were referred to the Coroner’s office. My duties were such that I went to a scene conducted initial interviews, photographed the decedent, conducted a physical examine of the decedent, collected evidence, spoke with family and or notified next of kin, had decedent transported to the appropriate facility, facilitated the post mortem exam, prepared a written report of findings and the report was distributed to the proper authorities. I have met so many wonderful people under very difficult circumstances, it was an honor to be entrusted with their loved ones. I ventured into the world of self-employment where I owned and operated my own firearms business. Shooting Sports of Southern Nevada where I worked with a company out of the UK who would book tourist’s for me to take shooting at local indoor and outdoor shooting ranges where I explained basic marksmanship, firearm mechanics and range safety. Then they would shoot a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms of various calibers. It was quite a fun and rewarding time for me and I again met wonderful people. I was really enjoying shooting competitions, I was shooting local community fundraising events, USPSA matches and I had become a co-match director for steel matches at Desert Sportsman Outdoor shooting range. During this time I met a great bunch of people who loved the shooting sports as much as I did. Several of the men that shot the matches worked at a local indoor shooting range and suggested I come apply as they had no women on the range and thought I would be a great fit. So, I applied and became the very FIRST female range officer at The Gun Store, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. You may have seen my picture in the airport, on taxi cabs, as well as in magazines (I’m the blonde with the MP5). From there my education and adventure in the firearms industry led me to eventually become the administrative manager at The Gun Store, Inc., where my duties included monitoring and recording all firearm transactions, maintaining firearm transaction logbooks, ATF firearm traces, review of 4473’s and firearm registration forms, as well as aiding in firearm transfers. I advised staff of firearm law and regulation updates with BATF, Nevada Department of Public Safety and LVMPD. I have been subpoenaed by BATF to testify in court hearings. I was responsible for all paper work related to firearm purchases, by The Gun Store, Inc. as well as the customer purchases. Over the years I developed a close working relationship with BATF and local law enforcement. I have attended many major industry events where I did everything from take classes to keep current with Federal and state law, to purchasing product from ammunition to guns to ear protection. It was an honor to represent The Gun Store, Inc. over the years in various capacities and I learned far more than I ever imagined. I have also been an USPSA shooter, a Glock armorer, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and conceal carry permit holder. I am an all-round firearm enthusiast and advocate of the second amendment.

Dan Kidder

Contributor Dan has more than 18 years of experience with firearms and defensive tactics. As a police officer in Upstate New York, and later as a United States Marine attached to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), serving in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. Dan has worked as a range safety officer for the National Rifle Association Headquarters range in Fairfax, VA, and is a Utah BCI Certified Instructor, an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor teaching the First Steps Pistol/Rifle Orientation Course and Basic Pistol/Rifle Shooting Course, as well as his acclaimed Hand to Hand Combat for Women. Dan serves as “On Target's” Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor and oversees all courses and develops all curriculum and training offered by “On Target”.[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title="More About Dan"]As the chief instructor at “On Target” he works with a variety of highly trained certified instructors, providing the widest range of individualized training for all levels of expertise. His students have included federal agents of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, ICE, local and state law enforcement, national celebrities, and the general public. Additionally, Dan served as Communications Director for Georgia Congressman Michael Allen (MAC) Collins in his Washington, DC office and as Communications Director for several state and federal election campaigns. Dan is an ordained non-denominational Christian minister and Managing Editor of Sportsman's News Magazine where his beat includes tactical firearms, personal protection, survival, first aid, camping, and hiking. Dan Kidder Chief Instructor On Target Defensive Training Cedar City, UT (435) 868-8919

John Hudson

Contributor Retired Police Officer with 22 years of service Street Gang Coordinator Arkansas State Certified Crime Scene Investigator Arkansas State Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Arkansas State Conceal Carry Certification Instructor for the last 8 years Survived five (5) Shooting encounters while an active duty Police Officer Has trained hundreds of Law Enforcement officers and civilians in firearms, primarily handguns Certified Glock Armorer Certified Beretta Pistol Armorer Having survived five (5) armed shooting encounters has had a profound impact on my life. It has not only caused me to be aware of how precious life is, it has made me a better firearms instructor in the fact that I know from my personal experiences the intrinsic value of a human life, and what it truly means to have to use or consider the use of Deadly Force.

"More About John"

From my personal experience I have always encouraged others to also value Human Life as one of the most important things they hold dear to themselves. I enjoy the opportunity to educate my students and make sure they have an informed, safe, and thorough experience in their training and understanding of firearms. In my classes I also address the awesome responsibility they hold in becoming a Concealed Carry permit holder, and I educate my students in realizing the legal, moral, and ethical considerations with utilizing a firearm for self-defense and possibly exacting deadly force against an attacker. When a student leaves my class they are well versed on Safety, Proper Gun Control, The six fundamentals of handgun shooting, Legal ramifications, Handgun selection (proper fit) , and even the basics of keeping their handguns clean and in working order. I also encourage my students to use quality factory ammunition, unless they are versed and trained as a re-loader of ammunition. During my classes I require factory ammunition only for qualification during Live Fire. I strongly believe in training for real world encounters; train correctly, shoot correctly, survive.

Larry Myers

General Counsel for U.S. Precision Defense, LLC Provides Legal Counsel to our members in the event of a brandishing or stooting event. Larry Meyers is the owner of Liberty Law Firm PLLC in St. George, Utah. After graduating cum laude from law school at Brigham Young University, he prosecuted criminal cases for 7 1/2 years in Washington County, Utah. Meyers went into private practice in 2003 and has built a successful practice in criminal defense and family and business law.[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title="More About Larry"]Recent successes include a dismissal for a client who had been charged with a crime for defending himself with a gun against a vicious dog. Meyers writes a monthly column on civil liberty issues called "Liberty Watch" for the southern Utah Independent newspaper ( Meyers resides in rural Winchester Hills, Utah, with his wife and three sons. His interests include politics, sports, and reading. Website: