Washington Gun Laws

Washington Gun Laws

Washington State Gun And Self-Defense Laws: YOU MUST ABIDE WITH ALL LAWS: STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL. Always Consult An Attorney


Rifles & Shotguns Handguns
Permit to Purchase NO NO*
Registration of Firearms NO NO*
Licensing of Owners NO NO*
Permit to Carry NO YES

* Police record is made of purchases from dealers


State Self-Defense Law Review: Always Consult An Attorney

Duty to retreat before using Deadly force outside of Special Places

No, Case law

Crimes Justifying use of Deadly Force outside of Special Places

Assault, robbery, kidnapping, arson, burglary, rape, murder, or any other violent crime as defined in RCW 9.94A.030

Duty to Retreat when occupying special Places - Special places Mentioned in Statute such as Home, Workplace, Occupied Vehicle


Presumption of Reasonableness in Special Places - Unlawful Acts justifying use of Deadly Force in Special Places

No - Burglary, arson, breaking and entering with intent to rob, commit sodomy or rape

Immunity from Civil liability


Notable Provisions of this State's Self-Defense Law

Reimbursement of legal fees for criminal case after a verdict of “not guilty” by virtue of self-defense.

How to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in Washington


In an unincorporated area of a county in Washington you must apply at your local county sheriff’s office.

In an incorporated city or town in Washington you must apply at the police department in your city or town, or you can also apply at your county sheriff’s office.

Outside of Washington (not a Washington state resident) you can apply at any local law enforcement agency in Washington State.

Application for a license to carry a pistol concealed on the person for protection, business, sport or travel may be made to a police chief or sheriff where you reside, or anywhere in the state for a non-resident. The official shall issue the license within 30 days of application. The license shall be issued within 60 days if the applicant lacks a Washington identification card or driver’s license or has not been a resident of Washington for the previous consecutive 90 days. The issuing authority shall not refuse to accept completed applications for concealed pistol licenses during regular business hours. 

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