Ammunition for Self-Defense Concealed And Open Carry

Ammunition For Self Defense

Self-Defense AmmunitionWe recommend that you carry only hollow point ammunition in the Self-Defense handgun role.  Hollow point ammunition has been proven over the years to have the “Stopping Power” far superior to other ammunition such as; full metal jacket or round-nose lead bullets. The key to survival in a life and death situation is stopping your attacker, quickly and decisively. Hollow point ammunition gives you the best chance for surviving an armed encounter. 

The primary reason of carrying a handgun for Self-Defense is not to wound or kill your attacker, the only point is to stop them immediately, in their tracks, and make them to cease attacking you. It is for you to survive.

Stopping power of your ammunition is critical to your survival. The stopping or “knock Down Power” generally refers to a particular bullet's ability to incapacitate your attacker; the greater that this ability is the less chance that your attacker will be able to continue; shooting, stabbing, beating you or otherwise threatening your life after you have shot them.

Doing your research on your choice of ammunition for Self-Defense is vital and US Precision Defense can help with our reports and videos on Ammunition performance that is made available to all of our members.

This video explains self-defense ammo and much more....



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