What To Look For In A Quality Shooting Range

Choosing The Right Shooting Range

When shooting at an indoor range usually only Lead and/or frangible ammunition is allowed, very few indoor ranges allow steel bullets, This is very important that you find out what type of ammunition is allowed before you go out and buy ammunition and bring it to the range, otherwise you may have to buy all your ammunition at the range which typically cost more than if you were to purchase it at a larger discount style store.

If the range only allows frangible ammunition you may have to purchase the ammunition at the facility as frangible ammunition is very difficult to locate in most sporting goods stores. Make a call first!

Other considerations in choosing the right shooting range for you is what type of staffing support is available to you. Also, if you are a responsible shooter and concerned for the environment even the type of bullet trap system may be of importance to you and to know how the bullets are captured, and recycled.




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