Finding A Firearms Instructor In Helendale, CA

Finding A Firearms Instructor Helendale California CA

 Firearms instructors in Helendale, CA have various levels of expertise, training, experience, and many specializeNRA Instructor Certification Patches in particular shooting disciplines such as; revolvers only, automatics only, a combination of both types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting, precision shooting, long-distance shooting, and the list goes on. In addition to a firearm instructors training, experience, and shooting discipline that they teach it is important to find out if they also are currently certified, and who was the certification organization or agency, do they have references they can provide, how many students have they taught in the past, and are they insured?

Finding A Firearms Instructor In Helendale, CA That Is A Professional

As part of the selection process for a firearms instructor in Helendale, CA it is highly recommended that you have a conversation with them to see if you can meet them at their training facility so that you can first hand find out the type of person they are, what kind of facility and program they teach

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from, is if it clean and professional looking. It is also highly recommended that you be allowed to watch a training session with other students being taught by the instructor that you are considering. This will allow you to see their teaching techniques, their demeanor and safety protocols. In addition to their firearms instructor training it would be important to find out if they have any real-world experiences from which to draw upon such as serving in the military, a security specialist, a current or former law-enforcement officer?

Question Your Firearms Instructor In Helendale, CA On All State And Local Gun Laws

Remember, you're asking this individual to not only teach you about the proper use of a firearm and firearm safety, but also many of the laws in Helendale, CA that will pertain to your gun ownership. You have every right to investigate them thoroughly. Any firearms instructor that is not willing to answer all of your questions or to invite you to their facility so you can observe a training class is an instructor that I would not recommend and I would be very leery of.

This Video has some excellent points about Choosing a Firearms Instructor and the relationship with the new student.

US Precision Defense maintains a large database of Firearms Instructors in Helendale, CA and from all across the country, find a link on our Firearms Instructors introduction page for a complete list of NRA Certified Instructors in your area by Clicking on the "Shoot For More" link below.


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Helendale, CA, Helendale is an unincorporated community located in San Bernardino County, California, on historic Route 66 west of the Mojave Freeway (I-15 Fwy), between Barstow and Victorville, in the Victor Valley. It includes the Helendale resort community of Silver Lakes.


Native Americans lived in the area, namely the Vanyume (Serrano). It is believed that the first White man to travel through was the Franciscan priest Francisco Garcés in 1776. He was exploring a route to the missions on the coast following the Mojave River.

The original name for Helendale was Point of Rocks. There were several early trails and roadways through this area of the Mojave Desert, including the Mojave Trail, which was used by the Indians and Father Garcés, the Spanish Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the Mormon Trail, et cetera.

After Father Garcés, Jedediah Smith traveled through the Point of Rocks area in 1826 on a fur trapping expedition. In 1844, John C. Fremont and his guide, Kit Carson, traveled through heading east via the Cajon Pass. During the Mexican-American War, in late 1846 or early 1847, the Mormon battalion camped at Point of Rocks on their way to Los Angeles. They were released from the military shortly afterward and part of the battalion returned to Salt Lake City through Point of Rocks.

The first Mormon wagon train traveled through in about 1851. In 1857, Edward Fitzgerald Beale and his camel driver, Hi Jolly, brought a famous caravan through on the way to Wilmington for the Camel Corps. After a few horse ridden mail conveyance companies during the 1850s went out of business, the short-lived Pony Express began its service in the early 1860s and a stone station was built by the river at Point of Rocks. The stagecoach station at Point of Rocks was located west of where the railroad tracks were later put down. In about 1863, the station was burned by Paiute Indians.

The Santa Fe Railroad arrived in the 1880s and built a Point of Rocks station, which provided a watering stop for the steam engine locomotives then moving trains across the High Desert. On December 15, 1897, the name was changed to Helen in honor of Helen A. Wells (born 1885), daughter of railroad executive Arthur G. Wells (1861–1932). On September 22, 1918, the name was changed to Helendale.

Route 66, or National Trails Highway, was paved and officially opened in the Helendale area in 1926. Helendale has a historical marker commemorating the old road that is located 100 yards south of the intersection of Route 66 and Vista Road.

In 1969, construction began on two manmade lakes, North Lake and South Lake, covering approximately 277 acres (1.12 km2), and a resort community called Silver Lakes was built at Helendale that opened in the early 1970s.

The ZIP Code is 92342 and the community is inside area code 760.

Load: The act of placing rounds of ammunition in a position to be fired. Additionally the word Load can be used to describe a specific variant of ammunition e.g. the load consisted of a 325 grain bullet and 47 grains of powder.

Helendale, CA,  Law enforcement is provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department out of the Adelanto Station. Traffic enforcement is provided by the California Highway Patrol. The San Bernardino County Fire Department maintains a full-time station with paramedics near the Post Office on Helendale Road. Private security firms are hired by the Silverlakes Association and consistently patrol the amenities of Silver Lakes.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP covers an area of 5.6 square miles (14.4 km²), 5.2 square miles (13.4 km²) of it land, and 0.4 square miles (1.0 km²) of it (7.15%) water.

Helendale is located in a generally flat area in the Mojave Desert, between Victorville and Barstow. It is located 100 miles (160 km) northeast of Los Angeles and 180 miles (290 km) southwest of Las Vegas. Silver Lakes sits at an elevation of 2,464 feet (751 m).

Helendale is located at elevation of 2,430 feet (740 m) above sea level. The town consists primarily of the Silver Lakes resort community, which is built around two manmade lakes. Water for these lakes comes from Mojave River, which, while dry at the surface, has flow underground.

Caseless ammunition: a type of small arms ammunition that eliminates the cartridge case that typically holds the primer, propellant, and projectile together as a unit.