Finding A Firearms Instructor In Moreno Valley, CA

Finding A Firearms Instructor Moreno Valley California CA

 Firearms instructors in Moreno Valley, CA have various levels of expertise, training, experience, and many specializeNRA Instructor Certification Patches in particular shooting disciplines such as; revolvers only, automatics only, a combination of both types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting, precision shooting, long-distance shooting, and the list goes on. In addition to a firearm instructors training, experience, and shooting discipline that they teach it is important to find out if they also are currently certified, and who was the certification organization or agency, do they have references they can provide, how many students have they taught in the past, and are they insured?

Finding A Firearms Instructor In Moreno Valley, CA That Is A Professional

As part of the selection process for a firearms instructor in Moreno Valley, CA it is highly recommended that you have a conversation with them to see if you can meet them at their training facility so that you can first hand find out the type of person they are, what kind of facility and program they teach

NRA Firearms Instructors

from, is if it clean and professional looking. It is also highly recommended that you be allowed to watch a training session with other students being taught by the instructor that you are considering. This will allow you to see their teaching techniques, their demeanor and safety protocols. In addition to their firearms instructor training it would be important to find out if they have any real-world experiences from which to draw upon such as serving in the military, a security specialist, a current or former law-enforcement officer?

Question Your Firearms Instructor In Moreno Valley, CA On All State And Local Gun Laws

Remember, you're asking this individual to not only teach you about the proper use of a firearm and firearm safety, but also many of the laws in Moreno Valley, CA that will pertain to your gun ownership. You have every right to investigate them thoroughly. Any firearms instructor that is not willing to answer all of your questions or to invite you to their facility so you can observe a training class is an instructor that I would not recommend and I would be very leery of.

This Video has some excellent points about Choosing a Firearms Instructor and the relationship with the new student.

US Precision Defense maintains a large database of Firearms Instructors in Moreno Valley, CA and from all across the country, find a link on our Firearms Instructors introduction page for a complete list of NRA Certified Instructors in your area by Clicking on the "Shoot For More" link below.


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Moreno Valley, CA, Incorporated as a General Law City on December 3, 1984, merging the communities of Moreno, Sunnymead and Edgemont.

Location, Size and Elevation

51.5 square miles, located in the western portion of Riverside County, surrounded by Riverside, Perris, March Air Reserve Base, Lake Perris and the Badlands. Elevation: 1,650 Ft.

City Motto

"People, Pride, Progress"

Form of Government

A four-member elected City Council, and elected Mayor governs the City. Officers are selected annually among themselves. Current Officers: Mayor Dr. Yxstian A. Gutierrez, Mayor Pro Tem Victoria Baca (1st District). Council Members: Jeffrey J. Giba (2nd District), David Marquez (3rd District), and Ulises Cabrera (District 4) City Manager: Michelle Dawson.


Among California’s growing cities; second most populous in Riverside County. Growth can be attributed to a range of quality housing options including high-end executive homes, affordable single-family homes, and condominiums; a family-friendly lifestyle; good schools, impressive quality-of-life amenities and growing job centers.


Population information provided by the California Department of Finance and Nielsen Site Reports:

Number of residents: 209,826
Projected number of residents by 2018: 216,450

Demographic Profile

Mostly young families. Average family consists of two parents, two children

Number of households: 55,393
Number of housing units:58,040
Number of businesses: 3,059
New homes starting at: low $300,000’s
Average household size: 3.78 persons
Average family household income: $69,610
Average home resale: $246,731
Ethnic composition: (2010 U.S. Census): Hispanic 54.4%; White 18.9%; African-American 17.2%; Pacific Islander/Asian-American 6.4%; Two or more races 2.6%; other .2%.


Moreno Valley’s amenities include: more than 38 parks and/or joint-use facilities (531 maintained acres) and 6,000 acres of open space at Lake Perris; recreational facilities, major medical, and educational facilities; quality housing at affordable prices, open spaces, abundant retail centers, industrial developments, social and cultural activities.


Moreno Valley has two public school districts: Moreno Valley Unified School District has 23 Elementary Schools, 6 Middle Schools, 4 Comprehensive High Schools, 1 Charter School, 1 Adult School, 1 Continuation School, 1 Community Day School, 1 Pre-School Head-Start and 1 Academic Center; 35,068 students enrolled. Val Verde Unified School District (includes Perris, Mead Valley and Moreno Valley) has 1 Preschool, 13 Elementary Schools, 4 Middle Schools, 3 High Schools, 1 Continuation High School, with a total of 20,500 students enrolled. Moreno Valley College has approximately 10,000 students enrolled.

Public Safety

Moreno Valley Police Department has received numerous awards. The City’s public safety record is comparable to other cities of similar size, as verified by state and federal crime and traffic safety audits.

Semi-wadcutter or SWC: A type of all-purpose bullet commonly used in revolvers which combines features of the wadcutter target bullet and traditional round nosed revolver bullets, and is used in both revolver and pistol cartridges for hunting, target shooting, and plinking. The basic SWC design consists of a roughly conical nose, truncated with a flat point, sitting on a cylinder.

The flat nose punches a clean hole in the target, rather than tearing it like a round nose bullet would, and the sharp shoulder enlarges the hole neatly, allowing easy and accurate scoring of the target. The SWC design offers better external ballistics than the wadcutter, as its conical nose produces less drag than the flat cylinder.

Moreno Valley, CA, On February 13, 2007, the City Council passed, by a vote of 4–1, a controversial resolution christening the eastern half of the city (roughly from Lasselle Street to Gilman Springs Road) "Rancho Belago", a pastiche of Spanish and Italian words. The city council's resolution includes the 92555 ZIP Code within the boundaries of the area, as reported by the Press Enterprise newspaper.

Today, Moreno Valley is home to around 200,000 residents and once again, experienced an economic bust (the late 2000s Recession) to restart again in a new development boom. MetroLink rail transit has arrived in the area further down in Perris to the south and a proposal to erect a four-lane freeway on the site of Cajalco Road/Ramona Expressway from Interstate 215 to Interstate 15 in Corona is currently debated by the CalTrans, Riverside County and Orange County governments.

Upper-middle class residents reside in newer housing developments on the eastern half of the city. Recent years have seen the rise of corporate office industrial and business parks, as well a proposal of bringing minor league baseball of the California League to town. Moreno Valley is rapidly becoming a Latino majority city (over 50+ percent) and now has a high percentage of African-Americans (18.0% according to the 2010 U.S. Census).

California has long been the breeding ground for developing strategies to advance the coordinated anti-gun, anti-self-defense political climate in the country. There are of course other battleground states in the fight for gun rights, but lots of crazy notions about guns and self-defense take root in California.