Finding A Firearms Instructor In Scranton, PA

Finding A Firearms Instructor Scranton Pennsylvania PA

 Firearms instructors in Scranton, PA have various levels of expertise, training, experience, and many specializeNRA Instructor Certification Patches in particular shooting disciplines such as; revolvers only, automatics only, a combination of both types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting, precision shooting, long-distance shooting, and the list goes on. In addition to a firearm instructors training, experience, and shooting discipline that they teach it is important to find out if they also are currently certified, and who was the certification organization or agency, do they have references they can provide, how many students have they taught in the past, and are they insured?

Finding A Firearms Instructor In Scranton, PA That Is A Professional

As part of the selection process for a firearms instructor in Scranton, PA it is highly recommended that you have a conversation with them to see if you can meet them at their training facility so that you can first hand find out the type of person they are, what kind of facility and program they teach

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from, is if it clean and professional looking. It is also highly recommended that you be allowed to watch a training session with other students being taught by the instructor that you are considering. This will allow you to see their teaching techniques, their demeanor and safety protocols. In addition to their firearms instructor training it would be important to find out if they have any real-world experiences from which to draw upon such as serving in the military, a security specialist, a current or former law-enforcement officer?

Question Your Firearms Instructor In Scranton, PA On All State And Local Gun Laws

Remember, you're asking this individual to not only teach you about the proper use of a firearm and firearm safety, but also many of the laws in Scranton, PA that will pertain to your gun ownership. You have every right to investigate them thoroughly. Any firearms instructor that is not willing to answer all of your questions or to invite you to their facility so you can observe a training class is an instructor that I would not recommend and I would be very leery of.

This Video has some excellent points about Choosing a Firearms Instructor and the relationship with the new student.

US Precision Defense maintains a large database of Firearms Instructors in Scranton, PA and from all across the country, find a link on our Firearms Instructors introduction page for a complete list of NRA Certified Instructors in your area by Clicking on the "Shoot For More" link below.


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Scranton, PA, The City of Scranton’s Mural Arts Program was a tremendous success. Not only did our children beautify their neighborhood pools, they were able to work in conjunction with local artists. The five (5) city pool sites were Weston Field, Weston Park, Connell Park, Novembrino and Penn Ridge (Capouse) Complex. Children and adults were able to take advantage of this program near their homes without worry of transportation. This program focused on the visual arts and arts education and over 350 children participated ranging from toddler and preschool age to grades K-12.

Heart to Art did two workshops, one at Weston Field another at Connell Park, to introduce the children to the visual arts and to plan for design and implementation along with creating two portable murals. The staff of Heart to Art was responsible for the introductory workshops. Lead artists responsible for the summer mural program were Joseph Opshinsky and Sara Stamford, both graduates of Keystone College.

Mr. Opshinsky went on to attend The University of Arts, Philadelphia, with a degree in painting and drawing and Ms. Stamford is a graduate of the Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania with a degree in ceramics. The artists were assisted throughout the summer by Keystone College students majoring in artistic disciplines.

This program also included the Scranton School District’s Summer Lunch Program, which provided lunch free of charge at each of these pool locations on a daily basis as they have for many years. Funding for this program was made possible by Lackawanna County’s Arts Engage and Lackawanna County Children and Youth Services. The aim of this program was to enable children to realize their creativity and have a positive summer experience

In 2013 Pennsylvania officials closed a gun-law loophole that allowed residents to get concealed-carry permits online from Florida -- sometimes after their applications were rejected at home.

Both states deny carry permits to convicted felons. However, Pennsylvania also has a morals clause that lets police reject suspects under criminal investigation or people with long arrest records. Rather than appeal, an increasing number in recent years turned to what Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane called "the Florida loophole." "If you cannot get a permit in Pennsylvania, then you should not have a gun in Pennsylvania,

Scranton, PA, Scranton has seven major identifiable sections: Minooka, West Side, South Side, the Hill Section (a.k.a. East Scranton), North Scranton, East Mountain, and Downtown. As with most cities and neighborhoods, boundaries can be ambiguous and are not always uniformly defined.

West Scranton (West Side) (shown in orange) is made up of a group of smaller neighborhoods including Hyde Park, West Mountain (everything north of Keyser Ave.), the Keyser Valley, Bellevue, and Tripp Park. North Scranton (shown in blue) contains the neighborhood of Providence.

South Side has the Nativity Section, St. Johns, the Flats, East Mountain (everything east of Interstate 81), and Minooka, which is a neighborhood in the southwestern part of the city. It is bordered by two commercial streets, Cedar Avenue and Moosic Street. The East Mountain borders on Lake Scranton, a popular location for joggers or for taking a nature walk.

The Hill Section is a mainly residential section bordering the east side of downtown Scranton, consisting of the area roughly between Jefferson Avenue and Nay Aug Park. It is home to three of Scranton's universities, including the University of Scranton, Lackawanna College, and the Commonwealth Medical College, as well as the Albright Memorial Library. Additionally, Nay Aug Park is in the Hill Section, which contains the Everhart Museum, several nature trails, and a summer water park.

The Upper Green Ridge area is the wealthiest of the neighborhoods, extending into the neighboring borough of Dunmore. It was here and in parts of the Hill Section that the former coal and rail barons built their mansions, many of which still stand.

Downtown Scranton is the commercial center of Scranton. Notable sights in downtown include Steamtown National Historic Site, the Electric Trolley Museum, Lackawanna County Courthouse Square, the historic Iron Furnaces, the Radisson Station Hotel (converted from a grand train station), the Masonic Temple and Cultural Center, and the convention center. The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail runs along the Lackawanna River between downtown and West Scranton, giving pedestrian and bike access to the river.

Commissioners in a rural Pennsylvania county have passed a resolution saying any new laws restricting gun rights won't apply there. The Times-Tribune of Scranton reports Susquehanna County officials say new gun laws passed just over the state line in New York prompted them to act. The resolution passed Wednesday says any new federal act, bill, law, rule or executive order that infringes on Second Amendment rights shall be "unenforceable" in the county.