Concealed Carry Holsters For Women In California

Holsters For Concealed Carry California CA

When choosing a holster for concealed carry in California there's a quote that sums it up fairly well, by Clint Smith; "Carrying a gun isn't supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort"Under the Arm Holster for Women

It is important to choose a holster and gun combination that provides the needs that you have identified yet will also properly fit your body. Just as the proper holster is specifically designed for the make and model of your gun, the holster must also be able to fit the proper proportions of your body, specifically considering about where on your body you're going to wear the holster.

Concealed Carry Holsters Come In Various Designs In California

In recent years there have been a significant number of manufacturers making holsters specifically for women in California. Some options for consideration are; holsters design to go on a woman's thigh, there are ankle holsters, modified under the arm i.e. shoulder holsters, compression tank top holsters that are actually worn as an undergarment, belly band and under wraps holsters, holsters designed as a pouch and double as underwear.

Purse Holster for WomenThere are several models of holsters specifically designed for a women's shape and proportions to wear both inside the waistband and outside the waistband, with just a little research in California you will be able a find the perfect holster for your needs. We have some options in our store.

Practice With Your Concealed Carry Holster In California

Regardless of whether the holster you have chosen is made of Leather, Nylon, Kydex, Cloth, or any other material it is not enough to just wear the holster, you must start practicing and testing how to wear and use the holster competently in California. This is similar to when you do dry fire practice with your firearm, you also want to practice continuously with drawing (extracting) and re-holstering your firearm, this is something you should practice hundreds of times so that you build up true muscle memory.Shoulder Holster for Concealed Carry

It has been proven time and time again that in a high stress or panic life and death situation in California that the body will respond in the way that it has been trained, Muscle Memory. It can save your LIFE!

You must repeatedly practice on how to access the holster from under clothing, or from a concealed carry Handbag, or other specialized Clothing, how to keep the clothing out of the way as you draw your gun and move into a shooting position as smoothly and quickly as possible. As you do this you'll be able to find the perfect positioning adjustments that may be necessary for the holster to properly function with your body type and the type of clothing that you'll be wearing in California.

In California Use Your Concealed Carry Holster In Shooting Drills

First, practice repeatedly just like you do with dry fire, doing so in front of a mirror may help you analyze efficiency of movements. Make sure that wherever you're doing this that the gun is unloaded and that there is no ammunition even in the same room. Please follow safety guidelines. The advantage of this type of training is doing it in the comfort of your own home. However, your home is not a shooting range and you always need to follow strict safety guidelines.

1. Unload your firearm completely. If you are using magazines, ensure they also are unloaded.
2. Inform everyone else in the dwelling that you will be practicing so they can minimize any distractions.
3. Do not have any live ammunition at all in the room where you are practicing.
4. Have an adequate backstop.
5. Set a firm start and stop time for practicing. When the time to stop comes, stop.

Once you're ready to proceed to the firing range in California and start with live fire exercise is it is suggested that you should start with "one shot drills". Draw your gun, fire a single shot and then re-holster. You want to do this repeatedly and frequently to help build up your muscle memory which will be absolutely critical and possibly life-saving in an actual shooting situation. As you continually practice this drill, and you become smooth with your movements you can slowly pick up speed and accuracy with practice.

Breaking in your Concealed Carry Holster In California

Back HolsterWhen you first start wearing a new holster for concealed carry the best way to get used to the holster is to wear it everywhere, wear it out in the community; to the store, to the movies, out to dinner, get to know the feel and any movement of the holster in every possible daily situation. Choosing and then wearing the correct holster has to be something that is done with great consideration, there are no shortcuts to finding and utilizing the proper holster for your concealed carry needs in California.

Whichever holster is your final choice the only way that everything will work well when you need it the most is that you must practice, practice, and then practice some more. During this practicing and while learning how to draw (extract) your gun from the holster and the re-holstering you may want to try incorporating multiple positions into your actions.

Work with a certified instructor to learn how to draw and fire from different positions or while in movement, in a self-defense shooting situation chances are you're not going to be squared off and standing still like you are at the range practicing with the target! As your proficiency and skill level increases while working with an instructor in California you may want to incorporate some speed and timed drills. Before taking this step make sure that you have had a significant amount of practice and training on the fundamentals first, without proper application of the basic fundamentals speed drills are difficult to accomplish competently, again, always be under the supervision of an instructor when working with speed drills.

As your expertise and proficiency improves so will your speed and accuracy, some training aids that are suggested is a shot timer and the use of paper targets so you can confirm your accuracy (as opposed to a steel target where you may not know where the round actually hits) As you train keep a written log so you can track your activities, and monitor your progress.

When practicing to use your holster in combination with your firearm please remember this; slow is smooth…… Smooth is fast. Speed is fine-accuracy is final. You can't miss fast enough to survive; the first shot fired must connect accurately and decisively. If you are involved in a self-defense shooting the award for second place is something you do not want….

Holsters For Concealed Carry

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  524. Rolling Hills Estates (CA)
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  537. Salton City (CA)
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  539. San Andreas (CA)
  540. San Anselmo (CA)
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  542. San Bernardino County (CA)
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  544. San Carlos (CA)
  545. San Clemente (CA)
  546. San Diego (CA)
  547. San Diego County (CA)
  548. San Dimas (CA)
  549. San Fernando (CA)
  550. San Francisco (CA)
  551. San Gabriel (CA)
  552. San Jacinto (CA)
  553. San Jose (CA)
  554. San Juan Bautista (CA)
  555. San Juan Capistrano (CA)
  556. San Leandro (CA)
  557. San Lorenzo (CA)
  558. San Luis Obispo (CA)
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  560. San Marino (CA)
  561. San Martin (CA)
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  564. San Pedro (CA)
  565. San Quentin (CA)
  566. San Rafael (CA)
  567. San Ramon (CA)
  568. San Ysidro (CA)
  569. Sanger (CA)
  570. Santa Ana (CA)
  571. Santa Barbara (CA)
  572. Santa Clara (CA)
  573. Santa Clarita (CA)
  574. Santa Cruz (CA)
  575. Santa Fe Springs (CA)
  576. Santa Maria (CA)
  577. Santa Monica (CA)
  578. Santa Paula (CA)
  579. Santa Rosa (CA)
  580. Santa Susana (CA)
  581. Santa Ynez (CA)
  582. Santee (CA)
  583. Saratoga (CA)
  584. Saugus (CA)
  585. Sausalito (CA)
  586. Scotts Valley (CA)
  587. Seal Beach (CA)
  588. Seaside (CA)
  589. Sebastopol (CA)
  590. Selma (CA)
  591. Shafter (CA)
  592. Shasta Lake (CA)
  593. Shell Beach (CA)
  594. Sherman Oaks (CA)
  595. Shingle Springs (CA)
  596. Shingletown (CA)
  597. Sierra Madre (CA)
  598. Signal Hill (CA)
  599. Simi Valley (CA)
  600. Solana Beach (CA)
  601. Solvang (CA)
  602. Somis (CA)
  603. Sonoma (CA)
  604. Sonora (CA)
  605. Soquel (CA)
  606. Soulsbyville (CA)
  607. South Gate (CA)
  608. South Lake Tahoe (CA)
  609. South Pasadena (CA)
  610. South San Francisco (CA)
  611. Spring Valley (CA)
  612. Stanford (CA)
  613. Stanton (CA)
  614. Stevenson Ranch (CA)
  615. Stinson Beach (CA)
  616. Stockton (CA)
  617. Strawberry (CA)
  618. Studio City (CA)
  619. Suisun City (CA)
  620. Summerland (CA)
  621. Sun City (CA)
  622. Sunland (CA)
  623. Sunnyvale (CA)
  624. Sunol (CA)
  625. Sunset Beach (CA)
  626. Susanville (CA)
  627. Sutter Creek (CA)
  628. Sylmar (CA)
  629. Taft (CA)
  630. Tahoe City (CA)
  631. Tahoe Vista (CA)
  632. Talmage (CA)
  633. Tarzana (CA)
  634. Tehachapi (CA)
  635. Temecula (CA)
  636. Temple City (CA)
  637. Templeton (CA)
  638. Thousand Oaks (CA)
  639. Thousand Palms (CA)
  640. Three Rivers (CA)
  641. Tiburon (CA)
  642. Tollhouse (CA)
  643. Toluca Lake (CA)
  644. Toluca Terrace (CA)
  645. Tomales (CA)
  646. Topanga (CA)
  647. Torrance (CA)
  648. Trabuco Canyon (CA)
  649. Tracy (CA)
  650. Travis Afb (CA)
  651. Trinidad (CA)
  652. Truckee (CA)
  653. Tujunga (CA)
  654. Tulare (CA)
  655. Tuolumne (CA)
  656. Turlock (CA)
  657. Tustin (CA)
  658. Twain Harte (CA)
  659. Twentynine Palms (CA)
  660. Twin Bridges (CA)
  661. Ukiah (CA)
  662. Union City (CA)
  663. Universal City (CA)
  664. Upland (CA)
  665. Vacaville (CA)
  666. Valencia (CA)
  667. Vallejo (CA)
  668. Valley Center (CA)
  669. Valley Springs (CA)
  670. Valley Village (CA)
  671. Van Nuys (CA)
  672. Vandenberg AFB (CA)
  673. Venice (CA)
  674. Ventura (CA)
  675. Victorville (CA)
  676. Villa Grande (CA)
  677. Villa Park (CA)
  678. Visalia (CA)
  679. Vista (CA)
  680. Walnut (CA)
  681. Walnut Creek (CA)
  682. Wasco (CA)
  683. Watsonville (CA)
  684. Weed (CA)
  685. West Covina (CA)
  686. West Hills (CA)
  687. West Hollywood (CA)
  688. West Los Angeles (CA)
  689. West Sacramento (CA)
  690. West Toluca Lake (CA)
  691. Westchester (CA)
  692. Westlake Village (CA)
  693. Westley (CA)
  694. Westminster (CA)
  695. Westwood (CA)
  696. Wheatland (CA)
  697. Whittier (CA)
  698. Wildomar (CA)
  699. Willits (CA)
  700. Willows (CA)
  701. Wilmington (CA)
  702. Wilseyville (CA)
  703. Wilton (CA)
  704. Winchester (CA)
  705. Windsor (CA)
  706. Winnetka (CA)
  707. Winters (CA)
  708. Woodacre (CA)
  709. Woodbridge (CA)
  710. Woodland (CA)
  711. Woodland Hills (CA)
  712. Woodside (CA)
  713. Yorba Linda (CA)
  714. Yountville (CA)
  715. Yreka (CA)
  716. Yuba City (CA)
  717. Yucaipa (CA)
  718. Yucca Valley (CA)
  719. Zamora (CA)