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All Bodyguard clients from California understands that in an uncertain  world where high risk situations can and usually do occur it makes sense to have the highest level of professional protection for your family, your assets, property, and your business in.

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protective Services provides close protection bodyguards and operatives to corporate executives, media personalities, and private individuals. Our skill base is highly unique as is our extensive experience.

Close Protection For Anyone From California And Needing A Las Vegas Bodyguard 

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protective Services is NOT a standard security company with basic trained security guards, instead we are an advanced specialized Close Protection Services company, a high-end provider of tactical security services comprised entirely of highly intelligent and proficient specialist-trained personnel with certified tactical high-level security and Bodyguard training.

Bodyguards derive from backgrounds of Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces, and Specialist Security Organizations, MMA and Kav Maga training.

These Las Vegas Bodyguard operatives and personnel together with our unequalled and indisputable experience allow us to perform Close Protection operations at all levels, from general low level protection operations, family protection and Corporate Security Protection management, through to High-Risk Operations, Extractions from Bad Situations, Diplomatic and Dignitary Protection, Corporate Executive Protection, Witness Protection, and VIP - Celebrity protection for anyone from California visiting Las Vegas, NV.

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Private Investigators and Detectives

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Family Members From California Needing  A Las Vegas Bodyguard 

Many clients traveling to Las Vegas from California and wanting to use Las Vegas Bodyguard protection services have asked if we can supply female bodyguard/operatives. We have a network of female operatives, often clients with Young families like to have the peace of mind of a more covert approach in regards to the protection of their children or a family member, which lends itself exceptionally well to our female Las Vegas Bodyguard/operatives. Additionally, executives find female a bodyguard a better fit as an undercover personal assistant or third party witness it’s less intrusive in the day to day operations.

People travel all over the world to Las Vegas as it has something for everyone, they come for the amazing experiences that they know that they will have.

Yet, one needs to be careful in a city such as Las Vegas, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is by the use of a Las Vegas bodyguard for yourself or a loved one so Las Vegas can be enjoyed without anyone having to worry about what could happen.

By using a Las Vegas Bodyguard based Protective Services you will not have to worry, and we will give you and your family members an unparalleled level of peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are being carefully watched over and protected by the finest bodyguards that can be found anywhere.

You want to make certain that a fun night out on the town does not turn into a visit to the emergency room or to a jail cell!

Through many years of experience and training, we have highly specialized skills in the protection of your Wife, Girlfriend, Child, or any family member when they come to Las Vegas from California, we will assure that there are no confrontations of any type with the Drunks, Creeps, Jerks and or any of those within the Criminal element.

The city of Las Vegas can be extremely wild, and with this in mind you want to make sure that the wrong kind of wild never gets anywhere near your loved ones, this is our expertise and specialty.

Las Vegas Bodyguards And Protective Services For Professional Surveillance Operations In Nevada

Surveillance specialties has extensive experience with large corporations, and private individuals. Our innovative approach to the specific assignment whether your need is personal or corporate assures that the services provided will be diligent, professionally conducted and successfully concluded.

Protection Services Security Survey And Audit Services In Las Vegas Nevada

Female Las Vegas Bodyguard

One of the singular most cost-effective procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of your security operation is to allow operators to conduct a physical and or electronic penetration test.

In conjunction with the cooperation and coordination of your management team our operatives Will conduct to either physically or electronically infiltrate your facility. The purpose will be to infiltrate to identify any strategic or system management and or equipment deficiencies in your security program.

Does your security team really have your back? Are host, hired security, waitress or bartenders getting paid off to allow customers to gain free access into a club or table? Is your in-house security team providing drugs and hookers to clients while in your night club? We will uncover it all. Las Vegas businesses lose millions every year due to the “under the table deal”. Asset savings and recovery don’t let staff affect your bottom-line!

All findings of the investigation will be completely and professionally presented with our recommendations for further strategies.

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Private Investigators and Detectives

We Will Have The Top Rated Las Vegas Bodyguard Companies Contact You Immediately 

Call 24 Hours A Day For A Personalized Bodyguard Protection Plan: 855-300-6779

California,  is the most populous state in the US, and 21.3% of Californians own guns according to the State of South Carolina's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), which equals about 7.8 million firearms. In 2012 there were a reported 817,738 firearms legally sold by licensed dealers within the state.

There are more gun control laws in California than in any other state, and in 2013 alone a total of 30 new laws are before the state legislature for vote. California Big Sur

All new handguns and long guns must be sold by a licensed dealer and must be certified as "California" legal. California is clearly a liberal state and the legislature for the past 20 years has been on a continual onslaught against individuals and their 2nd amendment rights, and has been openly against all types of firearms. It has become so openly blatant in the states disregard for firearms owners’ rights they have either passed laws or have proposed laws regarding gun control for guns or capabilities that do not even exists!

This behavior is a clear illustration at the legislature’s ignorance on firearms and their unrestrained frenzy to try and legislate all firearms out of the state. Even if one goes to the states own website(s) you cannot find all the of the different firearms related laws, it is as if there is an overt intent by the state to make it difficult for its citizenry to research all of the laws.

California is the only state that has a “Gun Squad” that’s only purpose is to go out into the community and confiscate guns from those that are supposedly in possession of the guns illegally. The interesting issue is that because of the continual changes in the laws, and new laws being passed the individual who LEGALLY possessed a gun today could quite possibly be in violation of the law tomorrow, and yes this IS happening right now in the state! 

San Francisco CaliforniaAs a result of the state’s continual erosion of the 2nd amendment rights the state is being flooded by lawsuits which will no doubt cost the state 10’s of millions in legal fees.  Of special note is that the passage of all of California’s firearms control laws have had no real impact on criminal activity, it is apparent that the criminals in the state are unaffected by unconstitutional gun control laws.

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#NRAInCalifornia #CaliforniaGunClubs #CalifornaShootingRanges #CaliforniaApprovedFirearms #ListOfGunsAllowedInCalifornia

California,  firearms laws are not only the most numerous of any state in the U.S. they are also the most restrictive, selective, regulated, and as time will tell will probably be found to be the most unconstitutional. Granted, some of the laws are needed and are just laws enacted for the protection of Law Enforcement officers, the state’s natural resources in fish and game, and the general public, and should stay in place.

It is the massive number and what appears to be the never ending stream of new and ever more restrictive laws that are causing many to be concerned with the disregard for the language in the U.S. Constitution on the 2nd amendment, and an individual’s rights to possess and bear arms that “Shall not be infringed”.  No doubt that California’s firearms laws are being closely watched by the anti-gun movement, pro-gun groups, and those that interpret the meaning of the U.S. Constitution.California Sequoia Trees

California and New York are becoming the battleground states in regards to individual rights under the 2nd amendment. The pro-gun community is starting to fight back and be heard. Several counties and individual elected Sheriffs have started to take a formal stand against the state firearms laws in that they have made public and official statements opposing the states actions and in some cases open defiance by stating that within their respective jurisdictions they will NOT enforce laws they deem to be unconstitutional. Where this gets interesting is that per state law the Sheriff is the highest ranking law officer in any county. All are wondering where this courageous stand will end. It will no doubt be in the courts for some time to come.

Some of the unforeseen consequences that the legislature did not anticipate is that they have made it difficult for the state’s law enforcement agencies to get their duty and emergency teams (SWAT) guns serviced and or repaired as many gun manufactures in protest to the laws have sent formal letters to the state advising that since they have either been forced out or will be forced out of the state will not service any firearms currently in the possession of thousands of California’s law enforcement officers.

The newest law of “Micro Stamping” on shell casing will in effect make all new handgun sales of auto pistols illegal in the very near future! It is time for the citizens of California to say enough!


Choose a City Page in CA
  1. (CA)
  2. Anderson (CA)
  3. Angels Camp (CA)
  4. Antelope (CA)
  5. Antioch (CA)
  6. Anza (CA)
  7. Apple Valley (CA)
  8. Aptos (CA)
  9. Arcadia (CA)
  10. Arcata (CA)
  11. Arnold (CA)
  12. Aromas (CA)
  13. Arroyo Grande (CA)
  14. Atascadero (CA)
  15. Atherton (CA)
  16. Atwater (CA)
  17. Atwood (CA)
  18. Auburn (CA)
  19. Avila Beach (CA)
  20. Azusa (CA)
  21. Bakersfield (CA)
  22. Baldwin Hills (CA)
  23. Baldwin Park (CA)
  24. Banning (CA)
  25. Bayside (CA)
  26. Beaumont (CA)
  27. Bell (CA)
  28. Bellflower (CA)
  29. Belmont (CA)
  30. Belvedere (CA)
  31. Belvedere Tiburon (CA)
  32. Ben Lomond (CA)
  33. Benicia (CA)
  34. Benton (CA)
  35. Berkeley (CA)
  36. Bermuda Dunes (CA)
  37. Bethel Island (CA)
  38. Beverly Hills (CA)
  39. Big Bear City (CA)
  40. Big Bear Lake (CA)
  41. Big Pine (CA)
  42. Big Sur (CA)
  43. Biola (CA)
  44. Bishop (CA)
  45. Blackhawk (CA)
  46. Bloomington (CA)
  47. Blue Jay (CA)
  48. Blythe (CA)
  49. Bodega (CA)
  50. Bonita (CA)
  51. Bonsall (CA)
  52. Boonville (CA)
  53. Boulder Creek (CA)
  54. Bradbury (CA)
  55. Bradley (CA)
  56. Brea (CA)
  57. Brentwood (CA)
  58. Bridgeport (CA)
  59. Brisbane (CA)
  60. Bryn Mawr (CA)
  61. Buellton (CA)
  62. Buena Park (CA)
  63. Burbank (CA)
  64. Burlingame (CA)
  65. Calabasas (CA)
  66. Calexico (CA)
  67. Calimesa (CA)
  68. Calistoga (CA)
  69. Camarillo (CA)
  70. Cambria (CA)
  71. Cameron Park (CA)
  72. Campbell (CA)
  73. Canoga Park (CA)
  74. Canyon Country (CA)
  75. Canyon Lake (CA)
  76. Capistrano Beach (CA)
  77. Capitola (CA)
  78. Cardiff (CA)
  79. Cardiff By The Sea (CA)
  80. Carlsbad (CA)
  81. Carmel (CA)
  82. Carmel By The Sea (CA)
  83. Carmel Valley (CA)
  84. Carmichael (CA)
  85. Carpinteria (CA)
  86. Carson (CA)
  87. Castaic (CA)
  88. Castro Valley (CA)
  89. Cathedral City (CA)
  90. Cayucos (CA)
  91. Century City (CA)
  92. Ceres (CA)
  93. Cerritos (CA)
  94. Chatsworth (CA)
  95. Cherry Valley (CA)
  96. Chester (CA)
  97. Chico (CA)
  98. Chino (CA)
  99. Chino Hills (CA)
  100. Chowchilla (CA)
  101. Chula Vista (CA)
  102. Citrus Heights (CA)
  103. Claremont (CA)
  104. Clearlake (CA)
  105. Cloverdale (CA)
  106. Clovis (CA)
  107. Coalinga (CA)
  108. Cold Springs (CA)
  109. Colfax (CA)
  110. Coloma (CA)
  111. Colton (CA)
  112. Columbia (CA)
  113. Compton (CA)
  114. Concord (CA)
  115. Cool (CA)
  116. Copperopolis (CA)
  117. Corning (CA)
  118. Corona (CA)
  119. Corona Del Mar (CA)
  120. Coronado (CA)
  121. Corte Madera (CA)
  122. Costa Mesa (CA)
  123. Cotati (CA)
  124. Coto De Caza (CA)
  125. Cottonwood (CA)
  126. Courtland (CA)
  127. Covina (CA)
  128. Cowan Heights (CA)
  129. Crescent City (CA)
  130. Crestline (CA)
  131. Crockett (CA)
  132. Culver City (CA)
  133. Cupertino (CA)
  134. Cutten (CA)
  135. Cypress (CA)
  136. Daly City (CA)
  137. Dana Point (CA)
  138. Danville (CA)
  139. Davis (CA)
  140. Del Mar (CA)
  141. Del Rey (CA)
  142. Delano (CA)
  143. Denair (CA)
  144. Desert Hot Springs (CA)
  145. Diamond Bar (CA)
  146. Diamond Springs (CA)
  147. Dillon Beach (CA)
  148. Discovery Bay (CA)
  149. Dixon (CA)
  150. Dobbins (CA)
  151. Downey (CA)
  152. Duarte (CA)
  153. Dublin (CA)
  154. Durham (CA)
  155. Dutch Flat (CA)
  156. Eagle Rock (CA)
  157. Echo Lake (CA)
  158. Edwards (CA)
  159. El Cajon (CA)
  160. El Centro (CA)
  161. El Cerrito (CA)
  162. El Dorado (CA)
  163. El Dorado Hills (CA)
  164. El Granada (CA)
  165. El Monte (CA)
  166. El Segundo (CA)
  167. El Sobrante (CA)
  168. El Toro (CA)
  169. Elk Grove (CA)
  170. Emeryville (CA)
  171. Encinitas (CA)
  172. Encino (CA)
  173. Escondido (CA)
  174. Etiwanda (CA)
  175. Eureka (CA)
  176. Exeter (CA)
  177. Fair Oaks (CA)
  178. Fairfax (CA)
  179. Fairfield (CA)
  180. Fallbrook (CA)
  181. Felton (CA)
  182. Fillmore (CA)
  183. Folsom (CA)
  184. Fontana (CA)
  185. Foothill Ranch (CA)
  186. Forest Knolls (CA)
  187. Forestville (CA)
  188. Fort Bragg (CA)
  189. Fortuna (CA)
  190. Foster City (CA)
  191. Fountain Valley (CA)
  192. Frazier Park (CA)
  193. Fremont (CA)
  194. French Camp (CA)
  195. Fresno (CA)
  196. Fullerton (CA)
  197. Galt (CA)
  198. Garberville (CA)
  199. Garden Grove (CA)
  200. Gardena (CA)
  201. George Air Force Base (CA)
  202. Georgetown (CA)
  203. Geyserville (CA)
  204. Gilroy (CA)
  205. Glassell Park (CA)
  206. Glen Ellen (CA)
  207. Glencoe (CA)
  208. Glendale (CA)
  209. Glendora (CA)
  210. Glenn (CA)
  211. Gold River (CA)
  212. Goleta (CA)
  213. Goshen (CA)
  214. Granada Hills (CA)
  215. Grand Terrace (CA)
  216. Granite Bay (CA)
  217. Grass Valley (CA)
  218. Graton (CA)
  219. Greenbrae (CA)
  220. Grenada (CA)
  221. Gridley (CA)
  222. Grover Beach (CA)
  223. Gualala (CA)
  224. Guerneville (CA)
  225. Hacienda Heights (CA)
  226. Half Moon Bay (CA)
  227. Hanford (CA)
  228. Harbor City (CA)
  229. Hawaiian Gardens (CA)
  230. Hawthorne (CA)
  231. Hayward (CA)
  232. Healdsburg (CA)
  233. Helendale (CA)
  234. Hemet (CA)
  235. Hercules (CA)
  236. Hermosa Beach (CA)
  237. Hesperia (CA)
  238. Hidden Valley (CA)
  239. Hidden Valley Lake (CA)
  240. Highland (CA)
  241. Hillsborough (CA)
  242. Hollister (CA)
  243. Hollywood (CA)
  244. Holtville (CA)
  245. Huntington Beach (CA)
  246. Huntington Park (CA)
  247. Idyllwild (CA)
  248. Igo (CA)
  249. Imperial Beach (CA)
  250. Indian Wells (CA)
  251. Indio (CA)
  252. Inglewood (CA)
  253. Inverness (CA)
  254. Irvine (CA)
  255. Irwindale (CA)
  256. Ivanhoe (CA)
  257. Jackson (CA)
  258. Jamestown (CA)
  259. Jamul (CA)
  260. Julian (CA)
  261. Keene (CA)
  262. Kelseyville (CA)
  263. Kensington (CA)
  264. Kentfield (CA)
  265. Kenwood (CA)
  266. Kerman (CA)
  267. Kern County (CA)
  268. Keyes (CA)
  269. King City (CA)
  270. Kings Beach (CA)
  271. Kingsburg (CA)
  272. Klamath (CA)
  273. Korbel (CA)
  274. La Canada (CA)
  275. La Canada Flintridge (CA)
  276. La Crescenta (CA)
  277. La Habra (CA)
  278. La Jolla (CA)
  279. La Mesa (CA)
  280. La Mirada (CA)
  281. La Palma (CA)
  282. La Puente (CA)
  283. La Quinta (CA)
  284. La Verne (CA)
  285. Ladera Ranch (CA)
  286. Lafayette (CA)
  287. Laguna Beach (CA)
  288. Laguna Hills (CA)
  289. Laguna Niguel (CA)
  290. Laguna Woods (CA)
  291. Lake Arrowhead (CA)
  292. Lake Balboa (CA)
  293. Lake Elsinore (CA)
  294. Lake Forest (CA)
  295. Lakeport (CA)
  296. Lakeside (CA)
  297. Lakeview (CA)
  298. Lakewood (CA)
  299. Lamont (CA)
  300. Lancaster (CA)
  301. Larkfield (CA)
  302. Larkspur (CA)
  303. Lathrop (CA)
  304. Lawndale (CA)
  305. Laytonville (CA)
  306. Leimert Park (CA)
  307. Lemon Grove (CA)
  308. Lemoore (CA)
  309. Leona Valley (CA)
  310. Lincoln (CA)
  311. Linden (CA)
  312. Lindsay (CA)
  313. Littlerock (CA)
  314. Live Oak (CA)
  315. Livermore (CA)
  316. Lodi (CA)
  317. Loma Linda (CA)
  318. Lomita (CA)
  319. Lompoc (CA)
  320. Long Beach (CA)
  321. Loomis (CA)
  322. Los Alamitos (CA)
  323. Los Altos (CA)
  324. Los Altos Hills (CA)
  325. Los Angeles (CA)
  326. Los Angeles County (CA)
  327. Los Gatos (CA)
  328. Los Olivos (CA)
  329. Los Osos (CA)
  330. Lower Lake (CA)
  331. Lucerne Valley (CA)
  332. Lynwood (CA)
  333. Madera (CA)
  334. Madison (CA)
  335. Magalia (CA)
  336. Malibu (CA)
  337. Mammoth Lakes (CA)
  338. Manhattan Beach (CA)
  339. Manteca (CA)
  340. March Air Reserve Base (CA)
  341. Marina (CA)
  342. Marina Del Rey (CA)
  343. Mariposa (CA)
  344. Markleeville (CA)
  345. Martinez (CA)
  346. Marysville (CA)
  347. Mckinleyville (CA)
  348. Meadow Vista (CA)
  349. Mecca (CA)
  350. Mendocino (CA)
  351. Menifee (CA)
  352. Menlo Park (CA)
  353. Merced (CA)
  354. Middletown (CA)
  355. Mill Valley (CA)
  356. Millbrae (CA)
  357. Milpitas (CA)
  358. Mira Loma (CA)
  359. Mission Hills (CA)
  360. Mission Viejo (CA)
  361. Modesto (CA)
  362. Mokelumne Hill (CA)
  363. Monrovia (CA)
  364. Montague (CA)
  365. Montara (CA)
  366. Montclair (CA)
  367. Monte Nido (CA)
  368. Monte Rio (CA)
  369. Montebello (CA)
  370. Montecito (CA)
  371. Monterey (CA)
  372. Monterey Park (CA)
  373. Montrose (CA)
  374. Moorpark (CA)
  375. Moraga (CA)
  376. Moreno Valley (CA)
  377. Morgan Hill (CA)
  378. Morongo Valley (CA)
  379. Morro Bay (CA)
  380. Mount Hermon (CA)
  381. Mount Shasta (CA)
  382. Mountain Center (CA)
  383. Mountain Ranch (CA)
  384. Mountain View (CA)
  385. Muir Beach (CA)
  386. Murphys (CA)
  387. Murrieta (CA)
  388. Napa (CA)
  389. National City (CA)
  390. Nevada City (CA)
  391. Newark (CA)
  392. Newbury Park (CA)
  393. Newcastle (CA)
  394. Newhall (CA)
  395. Newport Beach (CA)
  396. Newport Coast (CA)
  397. Nipomo (CA)
  398. Norco (CA)
  399. North Highlands (CA)
  400. North Hollywood (CA)
  401. North Tustin (CA)
  402. Northridge (CA)
  403. Norwalk (CA)
  404. Novato (CA)
  405. Oak Park (CA)
  406. Oak View (CA)
  407. Oakdale (CA)
  408. Oakhurst (CA)
  409. Oakland (CA)
  410. Oakley (CA)
  411. Oakwood (CA)
  412. Occidental (CA)
  413. Oceanside (CA)
  414. Ojai (CA)
  415. Ontario (CA)
  416. Orange (CA)
  417. Orange County (CA)
  418. Orangevale (CA)
  419. Orcutt (CA)
  420. Orinda (CA)
  421. Orland (CA)
  422. Oroville (CA)
  423. Oxnard (CA)
  424. Pacific Beach (CA)
  425. Pacific Grove (CA)
  426. Pacific Palisades (CA)
  427. Pacifica (CA)
  428. Paicines (CA)
  429. Pala (CA)
  430. Palermo (CA)
  431. Palm Desert (CA)
  432. Palm Springs (CA)
  433. Palmdale (CA)
  434. Palo Alto (CA)
  435. Palo Cedro (CA)
  436. Palomar Park (CA)
  437. Palos Verdes Estates (CA)
  438. Palos Verdes Peninsula (CA)
  439. Panorama City (CA)
  440. Paradise (CA)
  441. Paramount (CA)
  442. Parkfield (CA)
  443. Pasadena (CA)
  444. Paso Robles (CA)
  445. Patterson (CA)
  446. Pebble Beach (CA)
  447. Penn Valley (CA)
  448. Penngrove (CA)
  449. Perris (CA)
  450. Pescadero (CA)
  451. Petaluma (CA)
  452. Phillips Ranch (CA)
  453. Pico Rivera (CA)
  454. Piedmont (CA)
  455. Pinedale (CA)
  456. Pinole (CA)
  457. Pioneertown (CA)
  458. Pismo Beach (CA)
  459. Pittsburg (CA)
  460. Placentia (CA)
  461. Placerville (CA)
  462. Playa Del Rey (CA)
  463. Playa Vista (CA)
  464. Pleasant Hill (CA)
  465. Pleasanton (CA)
  466. Point Reyes Station (CA)
  467. Pomona (CA)
  468. Port Hueneme (CA)
  469. Porter Ranch (CA)
  470. Porterville (CA)
  471. Portola Valley (CA)
  472. Poway (CA)
  473. Prather (CA)
  474. Prunedale (CA)
  475. Quartz Hill (CA)
  476. Quincy (CA)
  477. Ramona (CA)
  478. Rancho Cordova (CA)
  479. Rancho Cucamonga (CA)
  480. Rancho Mirage (CA)
  481. Rancho Murieta (CA)
  482. Rancho Palos Verdes (CA)
  483. Rancho Park (CA)
  484. Rancho Santa Margarita (CA)
  485. Red Bluff (CA)
  486. Redding (CA)
  487. Redlands (CA)
  488. Redondo Beach (CA)
  489. Redwood City (CA)
  490. Redwood Valley (CA)
  491. Reedley (CA)
  492. Rescue (CA)
  493. Reseda (CA)
  494. Rialto (CA)
  495. Richmond (CA)
  496. Ridgecrest (CA)
  497. Rio Linda (CA)
  498. Rio Vista (CA)
  499. Ripon (CA)
  500. Riverbank (CA)
  501. Riverside (CA)
  502. Riverside County (CA)
  503. Rocklin (CA)
  504. Rohnert Park (CA)
  505. Rolling Hills (CA)
  506. Rolling Hills Estates (CA)
  507. Rosamond (CA)
  508. Rosemead (CA)
  509. Roseville (CA)
  510. Ross (CA)
  511. Rough And Ready (CA)
  512. Rowland Heights (CA)
  513. Rubidoux (CA)
  514. Running Springs (CA)
  515. Sacramento (CA)
  516. Saint Helena (CA)
  517. Salida (CA)
  518. Salinas (CA)
  519. Salton City (CA)
  520. Samoa (CA)
  521. San Andreas (CA)
  522. San Anselmo (CA)
  523. San Bernardino (CA)
  524. San Bernardino County (CA)
  525. San Bruno (CA)
  526. San Carlos (CA)
  527. San Clemente (CA)
  528. San Diego (CA)
  529. San Diego County (CA)
  530. San Dimas (CA)
  531. San Fernando (CA)
  532. San Francisco (CA)
  533. San Gabriel (CA)
  534. San Jacinto (CA)
  535. San Jose (CA)
  536. San Juan Bautista (CA)
  537. San Juan Capistrano (CA)
  538. San Leandro (CA)
  539. San Lorenzo (CA)
  540. San Luis Obispo (CA)
  541. San Marcos (CA)
  542. San Marino (CA)
  543. San Martin (CA)
  544. San Mateo (CA)
  545. San Pablo (CA)
  546. San Pedro (CA)
  547. San Quentin (CA)
  548. San Rafael (CA)
  549. San Ramon (CA)
  550. San Ysidro (CA)
  551. Sanger (CA)
  552. Santa Ana (CA)
  553. Santa Barbara (CA)
  554. Santa Clara (CA)
  555. Santa Clarita (CA)
  556. Santa Cruz (CA)
  557. Santa Fe Springs (CA)
  558. Santa Maria (CA)
  559. Santa Monica (CA)
  560. Santa Paula (CA)
  561. Santa Rosa (CA)
  562. Santa Susana (CA)
  563. Santa Ynez (CA)
  564. Santee (CA)
  565. Saratoga (CA)
  566. Saugus (CA)
  567. Sausalito (CA)
  568. Scotts Valley (CA)
  569. Seal Beach (CA)
  570. Seaside (CA)
  571. Sebastopol (CA)
  572. Selma (CA)
  573. Shafter (CA)
  574. Shasta Lake (CA)
  575. Shell Beach (CA)
  576. Sherman Oaks (CA)
  577. Shingle Springs (CA)
  578. Shingletown (CA)
  579. Sierra Madre (CA)
  580. Signal Hill (CA)
  581. Simi Valley (CA)
  582. Solana Beach (CA)
  583. Solvang (CA)
  584. Somis (CA)
  585. Sonoma (CA)
  586. Sonora (CA)
  587. Soquel (CA)
  588. Soulsbyville (CA)
  589. South Gate (CA)
  590. South Lake Tahoe (CA)
  591. South Pasadena (CA)
  592. South San Francisco (CA)
  593. Spring Valley (CA)
  594. Stanford (CA)
  595. Stanton (CA)
  596. Stevenson Ranch (CA)
  597. Stinson Beach (CA)
  598. Stockton (CA)
  599. Strawberry (CA)
  600. Studio City (CA)
  601. Suisun City (CA)
  602. Summerland (CA)
  603. Sunland (CA)
  604. Sunnyvale (CA)
  605. Sunol (CA)
  606. Sunset Beach (CA)
  607. Susanville (CA)
  608. Sutter Creek (CA)
  609. Sylmar (CA)
  610. Taft (CA)
  611. Tahoe City (CA)
  612. Tahoe Vista (CA)
  613. Talmage (CA)
  614. Tarzana (CA)
  615. Tehachapi (CA)
  616. Temecula (CA)
  617. Temple City (CA)
  618. Templeton (CA)
  619. Thousand Oaks (CA)
  620. Thousand Palms (CA)
  621. Three Rivers (CA)
  622. Tiburon (CA)
  623. Tollhouse (CA)
  624. Toluca Lake (CA)
  625. Toluca Terrace (CA)
  626. Tomales (CA)
  627. Topanga (CA)
  628. Torrance (CA)
  629. Trabuco Canyon (CA)
  630. Tracy (CA)
  631. Travis Afb (CA)
  632. Trinidad (CA)
  633. Truckee (CA)
  634. Tujunga (CA)
  635. Tulare (CA)
  636. Tuolumne (CA)
  637. Turlock (CA)
  638. Tustin (CA)
  639. Twain Harte (CA)
  640. Twentynine Palms (CA)
  641. Twin Bridges (CA)
  642. Ukiah (CA)
  643. Union City (CA)
  644. Universal City (CA)
  645. Upland (CA)
  646. Vacaville (CA)
  647. Valencia (CA)
  648. Vallejo (CA)
  649. Valley Center (CA)
  650. Valley Springs (CA)
  651. Valley Village (CA)
  652. Van Nuys (CA)
  653. Vandenberg AFB (CA)
  654. Venice (CA)
  655. Ventura (CA)
  656. Victorville (CA)
  657. Villa Grande (CA)
  658. Villa Park (CA)
  659. Visalia (CA)
  660. Vista (CA)
  661. Walnut (CA)
  662. Walnut Creek (CA)
  663. Wasco (CA)
  664. Watsonville (CA)
  665. Weed (CA)
  666. West Covina (CA)
  667. West Hills (CA)
  668. West Hollywood (CA)
  669. West Los Angeles (CA)
  670. West Sacramento (CA)
  671. West Toluca Lake (CA)
  672. Westchester (CA)
  673. Westlake Village (CA)
  674. Westley (CA)
  675. Westminster (CA)
  676. Westwood (CA)
  677. Wheatland (CA)
  678. Whittier (CA)
  679. Wildomar (CA)
  680. Willits (CA)
  681. Willows (CA)
  682. Wilmington (CA)
  683. Wilseyville (CA)
  684. Wilton (CA)
  685. Winchester (CA)
  686. Windsor (CA)
  687. Winnetka (CA)
  688. Winters (CA)
  689. Woodacre (CA)
  690. Woodbridge (CA)
  691. Woodland (CA)
  692. Woodland Hills (CA)
  693. Woodside (CA)
  694. Yorba Linda (CA)
  695. Yountville (CA)
  696. Yreka (CA)
  697. Yuba City (CA)
  698. Yucaipa (CA)
  699. Yucca Valley (CA)
  700. Zamora (CA)