Semi-Auto Rifles For Self-Defense In Yorkville, IL

Rifles For Self Defense Yorkville Illinois IL

It has been said that if you know you’re going to be in a gun fight then bring a rifle! And in Yorkville, IL it is no different. The best single defensive firearm for one’s own self-defense or the defense of your family is by far a long gun, a rifle and specifically one that has is controlled easily, can be used within the confines of a building environment and has sufficient fire power, preferably a semi-auto. Caliber depends significantly on how much structure penetration is acceptable for your living situation. The most common is by far the .223 (5.56)

AR 15 Style Semi Auto Rifle .223 calFor most self-defense situations the small sporting rifles in light to medium calibers have been proven over the years to be the best suited in this role. Depending on the laws in Yorkville, IL the type of rifle may be limited in choice. The most popular by far is the AR-15 style rifle, with somewhere around 30 different manufacturers the models are many and the ability for customizing is extensive.

 Other rifle types that are becoming popular in the self-defense role are those of the “Bullpup” design that allows for more maneuverability in tight places. Not only in Yorkville, IL and in the US Government these excellent self-defense rifles have been labeled by gun-control politicians as “Assault Rifles” which we all know is simply not the case. It clearly illustrates the complete ignorance of Firearms and their self-defense capabilities by our elected officials and government bureaucrats.

No matter where in Yorkville, IL that you live as part of a comprehensive self-defense plan one should have both a Handgun and a Rifle. The versatility of a Rifle is many; for Self-Defense, for hunting and providing for your family, for shooting sports and competition, and even as a financial investment.

Living in Yorkville, IL may present many unique challenges to Rifle ownership, we at US Precision Defense can help as many of our staff has Military and or Law Enforcement experience that can help you in deciding which is the best Rifle for your Self-Defense needs.


M4 Carbine .223 Cal            Ruger Mini 14 .223 Cal                   

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Yorkville, IL, The site where the present United City of Yorkville is located was originally settled in 1833 by a man named Earl Adams, who built a log cabin on what eventually became known as Courthouse Hill on the south side of the Fox River. The village was laid out by Rulief Duryea in 1836 and named Yorkville, apparently for Mr. Duryea’s home state of New York.

In 1841, when Kendall County was formed, the Village of Yorkville was named the County Seat. It was a short-lived distinction. The Village of Oswego’s residents petitioned the state legislature in 1845 to move the county seat to the more populated Oswego and after 2 votes, the recommendation passed. But Yorkville residents were not prepared to let the issue die. In 1859, 13 years later, Kendall County voters chose to once again designate Yorkville as the county seat because of its more centralized location.

In 1864 a new courthouse was completed. Although County courts were moved out of this historic building in 1997 to a new courthouse on John Street on the north side of the river, the old majestic courthouse, carefully renovated to its former splendor, still sits atop Courthouse Hill overlooking Yorkville’s downtown Business District.

Today the Historic Courthouse is home to the Kendall County Forest Preserve District and is used to conduct community meetings.

Yorkville, IL, The Village of Yorkville existed as two towns, one north of the river and the other south of the Fox River, with separate governments, for more than 100 years. In 1957, both towns had their own identity—Bristol to the north and Yorkville to the south. In that year, Bristol and Yorkville merged, becoming the United City of Yorkville. As a result, Ellsworth Windett became Yorkville's first mayor.

As a part of the consolidation, the residents of both towns agreed to a uniform school district. It was in that same year that high school classes began in the downtown area at the northeast corner of Van Emmon and Bridge Streets. In 1888, a two-story brick school building on West Center Street was constructed.

After the construction of Circle Center School in 1968, the two-story building was closed and the space was rented by the Yorkville School District to neighboring Waubonsee Community CollegeDue to rising enrollment in the early 1970s, the school was reopened and renamed as Parkview School.