Shooting Accessories In Albany , OR 

Shooting Accessories Albany Oregon OR

Any experienced shooter in Albany , OR can tell you about the importance of wearing high quality shooting glasses or shooting goggles any time you're handling a firearm. Eye protection is an area within the shooting community that is often overlooked. Whether you're at the shooting range, hunting, or on the battlefield you're going to want to make sure you have proper eye protection.  Shooting glasses have improved over the years and the latest generation are not only functional, they also conform to the latest fashion designs, the lenses come in various colors including; clear, smoke, yellow, and even pink. The purpose of the color is to provide a contrast with the target.

Shooting Accessories Hearing ProtectionChoosing a good shooting range bag in Albany , OR is like choosing a good piece of travel luggage, a purse, or a quality wallet. With the wide variety available and some bags being highly specialized for specific types of shooting the choice can be harder than your think. There are plenty of options from which to choose. You need to ask yourself what is it exactly you want the range bag to do for you, is it simple organization or something more? One option some of the newer bags have is moveable dividers that allow for some level of personal customization. Remember; if you’re going to keep ammunition in your bag you will need to make sure that the bag has a sturdy strap that won't come loose due to the extra weight in the bag as well as a sturdy bottom and reinforced seams throughout.Shooting Glasses

If you are serious about improving your handgun shooting scores in Albany , OR and are going to be shooting at any distance that you have to strain to see your hits on the target, or are shooting a rifle you should seriously consider getting a spotting scope.  There are a significant number of shooting accessories on the market today, some great and some not so good. The staff at US precision Defense can help find the facts about shooting accessories and which are the ones that are right for the type of shooting that you do. 


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Albany OR – This thug and criminal is why citizens need to be armed with a gun for self-defense! A man was arrested for a rape and a homicide in Albany, as well as three burglaries and a robbery.  

The suspect  18 years old and is also accused of robbing an Albany Circle K clerk with a handgun. Police said he also burglarized three homes in Albany and Jefferson. He then allegedly raped a woman on May 7. Police said he climbed onto a balcony, entered the second-floor window to her apartment and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.   

Albany OR –  Home invasions are becoming common place and citizens need to be armed for self-defense, The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the suspects they say robbed two men at gunpoint, then bound them with zip ties.  

Sheriff Bruce Riley says around 3 am, up to five suspects forced their way into two homes on the same property in north Albany. Riley says the suspects were carrying firearms and were wearing ski masks and bulletproof vests. Deputies say the suspects bound two residents with zip ties.