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This page is dedicated to sharing information on Gun Control News, Gun Rights and Gun Laws.  The information presented is from our own staff, News feeds, Pod casts, and Videos from various sources both in support of Gun Rights and those opposed. The purpose is to provide to our readers those who have information that reflect the truth about Guns and our Second Amendment Gun Rights and those who use; Distortions, False narratives and outright Lies to further their political agendas. You need to be well informed about all the information and news that is being reported by the Mainstream Media and Social Media platforms.

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The information on this page is Updated Weekly so please come back often. If you know of a good source of information that is not on this page please contact us so we can add it to our list of resources. We appreciate your participation!


The first six feeds are the Pro – Gun articles from across the web….. They are not an endorsement by us, rather general information for your review.   To review our extensive archive of articles Click Here.

The next six feeds are from the Liberal Left and Anti – Gun groups who are in favor of strict Gun Controls. This information is provided so that you know who is fighting against the 2nd Amendment and your Gun Rights.  To review our archive of articles Click Here.

Gun Laws And Gun Rights Videos

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Are You Protected

Self Defense Laws

The Next Fight


1st Officer

The Detective

Police Search

Police Interaction

Being Charged

Your Attorney

Court Appearance

Bond Hearing

Posting Bail

Your Case

Vet Gun Rights


Ninth Circuit

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The Following are Pro Gun Quotes that we find and are submitted to us…..Enjoy!