Self-Defense Legal Protection for CCW Permit Holders

By Dan Behymer

Self-defense Legal Protection protects you and your assets by providing coverage for acts of self-defense and related legal costs. With no limit options. The CCW Safe plan gives you and your family a new level of peace of mind.

In today’s litigious society Self-Defense Legal Protection is an absolute necessity. As part of any comprehensive protection strategy we highly recommend that you purchase a CCW Safe policy with specific coverage for both civil and criminal liability.

BE CAREFUL, there are companies and websites out there selling insurance underwritten by some “no name” or obscure insurance carriers that you have no way of knowing how well they will perform for you when you need them the most!  It is simply not worth taking the risk. Be smart, be informed, and use only a company you KNOW you can trust…. CCW Safe.

Compare CCW Safe’s Response to a Shooting Incident against all the competitors:

ccw-chart self defense insurance Self Defense Insurance CCW Chart

Self-Defense Legal Protection Coverage

  • Covers all uses of deadly force, not just firearms
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officer Self-Defense Insurance.
  • Includes Bail Bond coverage up to $250,000 bonds at no additional cost.
  • Covers member in any state that their permit(s) or license(s) are honored.
  • No Caps, No Limits, Includes Retrials and Appeals. Member will never pay out of pocket for services.
  • Covers one military or law enforcement officer (active or retired) for any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self defense incident off duty. For on duty incidents, CCW Safe will only be secondary.
  • Covers one person for any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self defense incident. Attorneys, Investigators and Expert witnesses are covered. Member does not have to payback any fees.


Click on the CCW Safe image below to see all of the Membership & Legal Protection for CCW Holders:

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Self-Defense Video's - Save Your Freedom and Your Assets

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